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Samuel Sellers
  • HSamuel Sellers1655 - 1732
  • W.  Anna Gibbons (add)
m. 13 Aug 1684
  1. Samuel Sellers1690 - 1773
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Sellers
Gender Male
Birth? 1655
Christening[1] 3 Feb 1655
Marriage 13 Aug 1684 Darby, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United Statesto Anna Gibbons (add)
Death[1] Novenber 22, 1732 Upper Darby, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States

Samuel Sellers was part of an Early Pennsylvania Family


From American Biography: A New Cyclopedia Volume 10

"The Sellers family, of Philadelphia, is descended from Samuel Sellers, who came to Pennsylvania from Belper, Derby shire, England, in 1682, with his brother,George, and settled at Darby, now a part of Philadelphia. He was of an old and well connected family of Derbyshire, where his ancestors had held position for generations. Though he seems to have been convinced of "the Truth," as held by the Society of Friends, before coming to Pennsylvania, he was born prior to the association of his parents with that Society, and his baptism appears on the rec ords of the parish church of Duffield, near the place of his nativity, with that of the other children of Thomas and Elizabeth Sellers, the record of these children being as follows: 1. John, baptized August 20, 1648, buried April 28, 1664. 2. Elizabeth, baptized January 13, 1649. 3. Mary, bap tized September 7, 1651. 4. George, "bap tized February 13, 1652. 5. Samuel, mentioned below. 6. Sarah, baptized June 20, 1663. Samuel Sellers, youngest son of Thomas and Elizabeth Sellers, baptized at Duffield Church, Derbyshire, England, February 3, 1655, was, as evidenced by au thentic records, one of the earliest settlers of Darby township, Chester county, Pennsylvania, just on the outskirts of Phila delphia county. He was one of those Friends who, in 1682, established Darby Meeting of Friends, and was one of its most respected and prominent members. He was also prominent in the affairs of the ancient township of Darby, serving as constable in 1688, supervisor of high ways in 1692, and fenceviewer for several terms from 1693 to 1716. He acquired by patent, in 1690, one hundred acres of land, lying along the western side of Cobb's creek, then known as Mill creek, and south of the present West Chester road. In 1691 he added seventy-five acres ad joining. He was a weaver by trade, and probably utilized the water power of Cobb's creek (where his grandson, John Sellers, later erected a saw mill, grist mill, and worsted mill) for the operation of his primitive looms. He died in Upper Darby, November 22, 1732."

On the map

On Holme's 1687 map, Samuel Sellers is listed as the owner of a plot on Mill Creek.

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