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Samuel HOWARD, Sr.
  • HSamuel HOWARD, Sr.1762 - 1840
  1. Adron Adrion? Howard1783 - 1867
  2. Mary W. HowardAbt 1787 - 1870
  3. Nancy HowardAbt 1789 - 1860
  4. Samuel HowardAbt 1793 - Aft 1878
  5. Sarah "Sally" HowardAbt 1794 -
  6. Wilkerson "Wix" Asher HowardAbt 1797 - 1880
m. 1784
  1. Andrew Howard1784 - 1867
  2. ELIZABETH HOWARDAbt 1795 - 1850
Facts and Events
Name[1] Samuel HOWARD, Sr.
Alt Name[2] Samuel
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1762 Buckingham Co., VirginiaBirth info from his Rev. War Pension claim. See story in Media. (Mildred Sizemore webpage relates story from Samuel's gg-grandson--2 Howard brothers, Andrew & Stephen, came to MD in mid-1700s, and Samuel was born in Mass. (Mass?! Doesn't make sense.).
Other[1] 1782 Greenbrier Co., Virginia (now WV)Samuel Howard is on tax list and listed btw Isaac "Angler" and "Adren Angler." Lower on list are possible connections: Charles Howard, James Howard, Chris. Bryan, Robert Howard, Phil Hammon(d). Tax List
Residence[1] ABT 1782 Yorktown, VirginiaMilitary service here.
Marriage 1784 KYto Chloe OSBORNE
Residence[1] BET 1795 AND 1797 Lee County, VirginiaThere is a Samuel Howard on the tax lists for 1795, 1796, and 1797. He does not appear on the next (available) tax list for 1800, although there is a John Howard.
Residence[1] ABT 1796 Harlan, KentuckyA history of Harlan Co. says the Howard (Hoard) family was 1st white settlers. Names some of his children, but implies that wife's name was Hannah, not Chloe. Describes Samuel's Rev. War service and pioneer life. Other early families in Harlan mentioned.
Residence[1] ABT 1796 Harlan, KentuckyMore from the Harlan history on the Howard family.
Residence[1] BET 1796 AND 1819 Harlan Co., KentuckyA KY guide says Samuel Hoard (Howard) led a small group of pioneers into what is now Harlan, KY. Says he came in 1819 but that is when county was established, not when Samuel came.
Other[1] 21 APR 1804 Knox (later Harlan) Co., KentuckySee attached land grant--150 acres on Martin and Clover Fks. KY Land Grant
Residence[1] 1819 Harlan County, KentuckyHarlan County was formed from parts of Knox and Floyd Counties.
Residence[1] 1820 Harlan County, KentuckyOn this census, Howard is spelled "Hord," which is a spelling that often comes up for Howard--probably reflects local speech.
Residence[1] 1830 Harlan, KentuckyOn the same page of this 1830 census are listed: 5 Howard families and Patrick Napier and Ephraim Osborne. Here is a connection to the Osborne name.
Death[1] 05 DEC 1840 Harlan County, Kentucky

More Notes/Records on Samuel Howard circa early 1800s , Harlan County, KY [From a public member tree on's OneWorldTree.] Name: Samuel Sr. HOWARD Birth: 2 Jul 1762 in Buckingham Co., VA Death: 5 Dec 1840 in Harlan Co.Ky _ FA1: 1840 Wix Howard Cemetery in Loyall,KY _ FA2: Pension papers#S 30492 under Hord _ FA3: 1932 grave marked by DAR in Loyall, KY _ FA4: 1778 enlisted _FA5: 1792 Mount Pleasant, Harlan Co. Notes: "Ky's most distinguished pioneers was Samuel Sr. Howard, one of the first settlers in Harlan Co.,KY He served seven years with Gen. George Washington in the REV War. He is listed in the DAR Centenniel Edition as Pvt from VA. KY Explorer: The folllowing article is from the KY EXPLORER (genealogy magazine) written by Mrs. Naomi Howard Spillman, 12446 Grindley Dr. Sterling Heights, MI 48312. "Samuel Howard, Sr., was born in 1762 in Buckingham Co.VA. He was enlisted in 1778 in Capt. Mayo Carrington's company. He marched from Woodson's Ferry on the James River in Buckingham Co., Virginia where he joined the army under General George Washington in 1778. He was at Yorktown standing just a few feet away when Cornwallis surrendered to Washington. Washington took Cornwallis' sword, looked at it closely and gave it back to Cornwallis saying "It's a very fine blade." (This tidbit of history has been passed down through the Howard family.) Samuel moved to KY in 1796, four years after KY was changed from a county of VA into the state of KY. He was the first white settler to come to Harlan Co., KY where he was active in many community affairs. He applied for his Revolutionary pension in Harlan Co., KY in 1834 at the age of 72. He died 12-5-1840 and was buried at the Highbanks Cemetery on the Hensley farm near Cumberland, KY. (It is interesting to note here that Samuel Howard killed John Hensley was tried and set free!) Due to the building of Highway #119 in the 1970's, Samuel, Chloe, (his wife) and their infant child were moved to the Wix Howard cemetery at Loyall, KY where they are presently interred. Samuel and Chloe leave a long line of descendents all over the US and Canada. The Harlan Co. Ky Court House has a plaque placed on the square in front of it by the Mountain Trail Chapter of the DAR which says: "To the memory of the Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution." The following men are listed on the plaque: CARL BAILEY JR., JAMES HALL, JESSE BROCK, SAMUEL HOWARD, BARRY CAWOOD, STEPHEN JONES, LEWIS GREEN, EPHRAIM OSBOURNE, HENRY SHACKLEFORD, HENRY SMITH. ********************************************************* ***************** Ephriam Osbourne Sr. married Elizabeth Howard. JP DOWARD'S guess is that Elizabeth was related to Samuel Howard in some way. One of Ky's most distinguished pioneers was Samuel Sr. Howard, one of the first settlers in Harlan Co., KY He served seven years with Gen. George Washington in the REV War. He is listed in the DAR Centenniel Edition as Pvt from VA. ************************************************************************** Deed Book A of Harlan County page 3/4 John HOWARD* Sr & Sussanah his wife and Samuel HOWARD* Sr & Cloey his wife to The Harlan County Court 24 April 1820 for $5 - 12 acres & 34 poles on the north side of the Cumberland River ... they stipulate that a road shall run through their lands, north and South, one chain west from the brink of the Indian mount ... free access of the citizens of the Town of Mount Pleasant to the water -

  • NOTE: heading of the deed uses HOWARD, body of the deed uses HORD page 20 Samuel HORD Sr & Cloey his wife to John N HORD 27 Feb 1821 for $1000 - 134 acres on both sides of Clover Fork ... to junction of Martins Fork and Clover Fork page 21 John N HORD to Samuel HORD 20 Jan 1821 for $1000 - 64 acres on the north side of the Cumberland River, patent in name of Joshua MUNCY Jr dated 1 Sep 1816, 212 miles from the mouth of Poor Fork

page 21/22 Samuel HORD Sr to Wilkerson HORD 27 Feb 1821 for $500 - 50 acres both sides of Martins Fork to junction of Martins Fork & Clover Fk page 24/25 Samuel HORD Sr to John HORD, Andrew HORD, Adron HORD, Samuel HORD Jr, Wilkerson HORD, Dred HORD, Sarah NAPIER, Elizabeth NAPIER, all of Harlan County and to Mary HENSLEY wife of Henry and Nancy HENSLEY wife of Lewis of Buncombe County, North Carolina 27 Dec 1820 for $1 - A 1/10th interest each in a 1/2 acre salt lick on the north east side of Martins Fork ************************************************************** Father: Samuel HOWARD Mother: Frances DRYDEN [?] Marriage: Chloe OSBOURNE b: 1762 in Buckingham Co., VA Married: 1781 in Buckingham Co., VA Children: Andrew HOWARD b: 1781 in Greenbriar VA Nancy HOWARD b: 1782 in Va Adron Sr. HOWARD b: 22 Feb 1783 in Greenbrier Va John N. HOWARD b: 1785 in Buckingham Va Mary HOWARD b: 1788 in Buckingham, Va Samuel Jr. HOWARD b: 1793 in VA Sarah HOWARD b: 1794 in Buckingham, Va Wilkerson HOWARD b: 1798 in Harlan Co.,Ky Dryden HOWARD b: 1801 Hiram HOWARD b: 1803 in Harlan Co.,Ky fiddlestix1224added this on 26 Nov 2007

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