Person:Samuel Croskery (1)

Captain Samuel Maxwell West Croskery
m. 9 May 1834
  1. Hugh Croskery1835 - 1886
  2. Ann Croskery1836 - 1931
  3. Alexander Brown Croskery1838 - 1897
  4. Albert James Croskery1840 - 1865
  5. Horatio Collingwood Croskery1842 - 1929
  6. Frederick C. Croskery1845 -
  7. Captain Samuel Maxwell West Croskery1847 - 1933
  8. Wallace Brown Croskery1851 - 1926
  • HCaptain Samuel Maxwell West Croskery1847 - 1933
  • WMary Gilmour1843 - 1899
m. 13 August 1874
  1. Jeanie Elenora Dunsmuir Croskeryabt 1876 - 1943
  2. Marian Gilmour Croskery1879 -
  • HCaptain Samuel Maxwell West Croskery1847 - 1933
  • WClara Nicolabt 1857 - 1922
m. aft 1899
Facts and Events
Name Captain Samuel Maxwell West Croskery
Gender Male
Birth[3] 16 December 1847 Downpatrick, County Down, Ireland
Residence[3] 13 August 1874 Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland
Marriage 13 August 1874 Troon, Ayrshire, ScotlandPortland Terrace
to Mary Gilmour
Residence[6] 1896 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England20 Highfield Crescent, Rockferry
Marriage aft 1899 to Clara Nicol
Occupation[5] 1910 Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandMaster Mercantile Marine, Certificate No.91090
Residence[5] 2 Sept 1914 New Ferry, Cheshire, England9 Easton Road
Death[1] 27 May 1933 New Ferry, Cheshire, England

Samuel became a Second Mate in Liverpool on 20 September 1869. There is an extensive record of all his subsequent voyages but some of this is unreadable (S7). From 1869 onwards, he sailed to Australia, New York, Delaware, Nova Scotia, Singapore, Napier and Wellington (NZ), San Francisco, & Calcutta.

While Master of the Minterne (owner A.J. Hood) a typical short voyage was as follows: the ship left Antwerp on 5 December 1910, went to Huelva, Algiers, Genoa and Soulia. At that point he was 61 and signed himself as S.M. West Croskery, but the following year he signed as West Croskery. On this same voyage Clara Croskery (50) was listed as stewardess and paid One Shilling - her address was the same as Samuel's.

(The Minterne was struck and sunk by a German U-boat submarine in 1915.(Note 1) The crew were rescued and taken to Penzance and the newspapers wrote that he was the Captain at the time. However, Lloyds show his appointment as Master as being terminated in 1913, and there is no record on the ship's log of him at the time of the sinking.)

Image Gallery
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    13 1874 on the thirteenth day of August at Portland Terrace Troon. After banns accoding to the forms of the Established Church of Scotland. (Signed) Samuel Maxwell West Croskery (bachelor) Ship Master. 27 Kingstown Ireland Hugh Croskery, retired ship owner; and Charlotte Wallace Croskery, ms Brown. (signed) Jo[?] Heming, minister of the Established Church Troon. (signed) Wallace Brown Croskery, Witness. Marian Gilmour, Witness. 1874 August 14th at Troon. John Martin, Registrar.
    (Signed) Mary Gilmour (spinster). 29 Troon Boyd Gilmour, Coal Master; and Jeanie Gilmour, ms Dunsmuir.
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  11.   Lloyds Registers (S8)show him as being Master of the following ships:

    1865-69 Napier (iron barque) London-New Zealand, London-San Francisco)
    1870-71 Whittington
    1871 Lady Russel
    1873 Bristolian (#44103) South Americas
    1874 Red Gauntlet (#48809) East Indies
    1875 Stentor (#70946) China, Japan, Oriental Arch.
    1876-78 Dawn (#69262) Mediterranean
    1878-79 Olga (#60222) " . Sunk outside Sulina 1 April 1879, raised
    27 May 1879.
    1879-82 Bessarabin (#78733) France, Portugal, Spain, Azores, Meditarranean,
    United States, East Indies. Collison 21 February 1880.
    1883 Wallachia (#87830) Mediterranean
    1884-85 Bessarabin "
    1885-93 Wallachia Mediterranean, United States, West Indies, Gulf of Mexico,
    Baltic States
    1893 Baltimore (#91142) United States
    1894-97 Rossmore (#96336) United States, British North America, Greenland, Iceland.
    Collision 30 August 1895.
    1898-99 Tropea (#99433) United States
    1901 Birdoswald (was Tropea) "
    1901-03 Bedouin (#105332) East Indies
    1905 Inkula (#109335) China, Japan, Oriental Arch.
    1908-13 Minterne (#118349) Australia, United States, India, Burma, Mauritius
    1913 Upcerne (#120694) South America. Damaged by collision 29 October 1913,
    "colliding vessel alone to blame".

    Appointment ceased 12 November 1913. (He was aged 63 at the time)