Person:Samuel Andrews (16)

Samuel Andrews 1 Jan 1711/12 and 29 Jan 1711/12
m. bef 1632
  1. John Andrewsest 1632 - 1690
  2. Abigail Andrewsest 1634 - 1653
  3. Elizabeth Andrewsest 1636 -
  4. Thomas Andrews1638 - bef 1690/91
  5. Esther Andrews1641 - 1697/98
  6. Samuel Andrews1645 - bet 1711/12
m. by abt 1668
  1. John Andrews
Facts and Events
Name[1] Samuel Andrews
Gender Male
Birth[1] 20 Oct 1645 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage by abt 1668 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States (probably)to Elizabeth Spencer
Death[2][3] bet 1 Jan 1711/12 and 29 Jan 1711/12 Between date of will and date of inventory.
Will[2][3] 1 Jan 1711/12 Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Estate Inventory[2][3] 29 Jan 1711/12 £414-07-00. Taken by Garrard Spencer, Sen., and Gershom Sexton.
Probate[3] 5 Feb 1711/12 Will proved.
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    Samuel Andrews, b. Hartford 20 October 1645 [CTVR 3; HaVR 576 (omits day of birth)].

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    "Samuel (Andrews), Hartford, s. of William of the same, freem. 1669, m. Eliz. d. of Thwait Strickland [Elizabeth Strickland married John Andrews of Farmington; Samuel married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Spencer], d. Jan. 1712, his will being made 1, and his inv. dat. 29 of the same. He names in it s. Thomas, Nathaniel, John, and Samuel, ds. Abigail Stedman, and Eliz. A. wh. m. Joseph Day. Samuel, his s. was k. by the Ind. the same yr. above Deerfield."

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    "Probate Records. Vol. VIII, 1710 to 1725. Page 100.

    Andrews, Samuel, Hartford. Invt. £414-07-00. Taken 29 January, 1711-12, by Garrard Spencer, Sen., and Gershom Sexton. Will dated 1st January, 1711-12:

    I, Samuel Andrews of Hartford, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Elizabeth the whole use of my estate during her natural life for her subsistence. And when the oxen are put off or otherwise made use of, I do order that my wife Elizabeth shall have 1-3 part of them, or their price, or anything of the estate that is moveable. I give to my three eldest sons my lands that I bought of Mr. John Haynes, to be equally divided among them. I also give to my son Nathaniel Andrews my now dwelling house and his part of the land lying next to the aforementioned house. I give to my son John Andrews my barn standing near my son John's house, provided that that part of the above-named that I have already given by deed of guift to my son Thomas Andrews shall be part of his third part of the land already specified to be divided to him. I give to my son Samuel Andrews, my younger son, my lot that I bought of John Skinner, which was sometime Mr. Stone's land, abutting on Mr. Thomas Hooker's land west, on my own land east, on the Mill River south, and on Jonathan Ashley's land north. I order that my daughter Abigail Stedman and my daughter Elizabeth Andrews shall have my moveable household goods. Also, I give my daughter Abigail 1 cow and 6 sheep. Unto my daughter Elizabeth I give 2 cows and 6 sheep. I do further order that my son Samuel Andrews shall have £3 of money after my wife Elizabeth's decease. My will is that my son John Andrews shall have the use of my team in consideration of finding his mother (my wife) her fire-wood if she see cause. I appoint my wife Elizabeth executrix.


    Witness: Garrard Spencer, George Sexton.

    Court Record, Page 52—5 February, 1711-12: Will proven."