Person:Samuel Andrew (3)

m. 22 Sep 1652
  1. Rev. Samuel Andrew1655/56 - 1737/38
  2. William Andrew1658 - 1702
  3. John Andrew1660/61 - 1693
  4. Elizabeth Andrew1663 - Bef 1737
  5. Thomas Andrew1665 - 1666/67
  6. Mary Andrew1666 - 1667
  7. Thomas Andrew1667/68 - Abt 1698
  8. Jonathan AndrewAbt 1670 - 1700
  9. Mary Andrew1671/72 - 1671/72
  • HRev. Samuel Andrew1655/56 - 1737/38
  • WAbigail Treat1657 - 1724
m. bef 1687
  1. Abigail Andrew1686/87 - 1724
  2. Samuel Andrew1688 - 1728
  3. Elizabeth Andrew1690 - 1771
  4. Jane Andrew1699 - 1788
  5. Jonathan Andrew1701 - 1740
  6. Hannah Andrew1704 -
  • HRev. Samuel Andrew1655/56 - 1737/38
  • WAbigail UnknownAbt 1666 - 1742
m. Aft 1727
Facts and Events
Name Rev. Samuel Andrew
Gender Male
Birth[2] 29 Jan1655/56 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Degree[3] 1675 Harvard College
Reference Number? Q7410769?
Marriage bef 1687 Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States (probably)Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child (Abigail).
to Abigail Treat
Marriage Aft 1727 death of first wife
to Abigail Unknown
Death[3][4] 24 Jan 1737/38 Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Graduated From Harvard College, Class Of 1675.

Bet 1679 AND 1684 - Tutor at Harvard.

18 Nov 1685 - Ordained minister Of The First Church Of Christ, Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States. His salary as Pastor was at first one hundred dollars a year, to be paid in provisions and twelve dollars for wood. He was Pastor of the First Church of Christ in Milford for more than fifty-two years.

1686 - Married first wife Abigail Treat, eldest daughter Of Governor Robert And Jane Treat. Had eight children by Abigail.

1710 - His salary was increased to one hundred fifty dollars. 1715 - He was given use of the sequestered lands of the church during his life. 1735 - He was voted two hundred dollars annually during his life.

Founding of Yale

"One of the ten principal ministers of the Colony of Connecticut, who, in 1699, 'were nominated and agreed upon, by a general Consent both of the Ministers and People, to stand as Trustees or Undertakers to found, erect, and govern a College."[5] After the death of Rector Abraham Pierson in 1707, Rev. Andrew was chosen Rector pro Tempore and the Senior Class was moved to Milford to be "under his immediate Care and Instruction." He continued as temporary rector until 1719, and again 1722-1726.

"He was considered one of the best scholars of his time; was one of the principal founders of the college; and deserves to be considered one of its greatest, as well as earliest benefactors."[6]

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    Here lyes ye Body of ye Rev. & Learned
    Mr SAMUEL ANDREW. Pastor of ye Church
    of Christ in this Place for above 50 Years:
    formerly Fellow of Harvard College, & more
    lately Rector of Yale College: a singular Orna-
    ment & Blessing in every Capacity & Relation
    of exemplary Holiness & unwearyed Labors.
    Modest, Courteous & Beneficent; never fond
    of this World, earnestly pursuing & recommend-
    ing a Better, greatly esteemed in Life, & La-
    mented at Death: which was Janr 24th AD. 1737/8
    lacking 5 Days to compleat 82 Years of Life.

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