Person:Ruth Hale (9)

Ruth Ann Hale
b.WFT Est 1837-1842
m. FEB 1858
Facts and Events
Name Ruth Ann Hale
Gender Female
Birth? WFT Est 1837-1842
Marriage FEB 1858 to Patrick H. Lowe

In local paper (The American Union):

State of Tennessee, Bledsoe County

Chancery Court at Pikeville

Ruth Ann Lowe vs. Patrick H. Lowe

    It appearing from the allegations in complaintant's bill, which is sworn to, that Patrick H. Lowe is a non-resident of the State of Tennessee, so that the ordinary process of law cannot be served upon him:
    It is therefore ordered that publication be make for four consecutive weeks in the American Union, a newspaper published in the city of Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tenn., notifying said defendant to appear at the next term of the Chancery Court, to be held in the town of Pikeville, on the 3d Monday of September next, and plead, answer or demur to complaintant's bill, of the same will be taken for confessed and the cause set for hearing ex parte.

Aug. 6, 1867 F. A. HENNINGER, c & m.

Case in Chancery Court, Pikeville, Bledsoe County, Tennessee (Handwritten document)

Ruth Ann Lowe vs. Patrick H. Lowe

State of Tennessee

(Page 1)

To the Sheriff of Bledsoe County

You are hereby commended that of the goods and chattles lands and Tenements of Patrick H. Lowe if to be found in your County you cause to be made to sum of Three Hundred and nine Dollars - as well as the Cost of this (?) that being the amount Decreed against him in the District Court of Chancery of Pikeville, Tennessee, In the Cause wherein Ruth Ann Lowe is Complaintant and Patrick H. Lowe is Defendant.

Herein fail not and return this writ with the money to the next term of the Chancery Court to be holden at the Court House in Pikeville on the 3d Monday of March next, (?) F. A. Henninger, Clerk of our said Court at Office in Pikeville the 3rd Monday of September 1867.

                                                                     F. A. Henninger, C & M.
                                                                     By I. E. White, (?)

Judgement vs. Deft Sept. the 18th, 1767 for $309.00

For this (?) 40


State of Tennessee

To The Honorable D. C. Truwhitt (?) chancellor of the Chancery Court at Pikeville in said State.

The petition of Ruth Ann Lowe a citizen of Bledsoe County, Tenn. against Partick H. Lowe, a citizen of the State of Arkansas.

    Humbly complainsin yours as a (?) she wish (?) your Honor that she intermarried with the Defendant in Bledsoe Co. about the month of Feb. 1858 and lived with him about Three months during which time she done all within her powers to make their lives agreeable and acted faithful and devoted towards her said husband yet the said Defendant seemed to be regardless of all his conjugal duties and failed and refused to provide for her as be could and ought to and would run about and lay off (?) home and when he would come home he would abuse her and boast to her that he had been off with other women and finally at the end of said three months with any cause (?)fullly and maliciously abandoned yours petitioner and went off to parts unknown to (?) and has kept up said abandonment ever since your petitioner is informed that said Defendant now lives in the state of Arkansas and his some property probably the amount of two thousand dollars.
    Your petitioner further showeth unto your Honor that do the issue of said marriage she has a little daughter about six years old named Margarett Saphrone which is her only child.  
    The premises therefore considered your  (?) (?) that Patrick H. Lowe be made defendant to this bill and that publication be made as directed by law and that upon final hearings she be decreed a divorce from the bounds of matrimony existing between herself and the said Defendant and that she be restored to all the rights of and to her maiden name Ruth Ann Hale, single women and that the care and custody of her infant daughter be decreed hers by decree and that in the (?) the Defendant his property that she be decreed allimony and she prays for General relief as she will ever pray.

S. B. Authrup (?) Sal for compl.

                                                          Ruth Ann Lowe

State of Tennessee } personally come before Bledsoe County } me F. A. Heninger

                                      elile (?) & Master at Pikeville

Ruth Ann Lowe and make oath that the facts stated in the above and forgoing petition as of her own knowledge are true and those stated as an information She believes to be true and that this complaint is not make our of livily (?) of by collusion with the Defandant but in sincerely and truth for the causes mentioned in the bill.

Subscribed and sword to before this 6th day of July, 17

                                                                                              Ruth Ann Lowe

F. A. Henninger (?) by J. E. Whibe (?)

State of Tennessee } personally come before me Bledsoe County } Ruth Ann Low the above

                                   petioner and made oath that 

(?) to her parish she is unable to bear the expenses of the action which she is about to commence in the Chancery Court against P. H. Lowe.