Person:Robert Stewart (170)

Robert Edwards Stewart
m. 24 Sep 1890
  1. Robert Edwards Stewart1891 - 1985
  2. Laura May Stewart1894 - 1992
  3. John Russell Stewart1896 - 1973
m. 2 Aug 1922
  1. Robert W Stewart1923 - 2005
  2. Florence Ona Stewart1925 - 1975
  • HRobert Edwards Stewart1891 - 1985
  • WMartha Davis1899 - abt 1977
m. 7 Aug 1947
Facts and Events
Name[1] Robert Edwards Stewart
Alt Name[7] Bert Stewart
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3] 12 Aug 1891 Haldimand, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada
Living[5] 1922 Baltimore, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada
Marriage 2 Aug 1922 Blackburn, Lancashire, EnglandSt. Michael's Church
to Florence May Berry
Living[6] from 1923 to 1925 Smoky Lake, Alberta, Canada
Living[4] from 1925 to 1931 Olds, Alberta, Canada
Living[4] from 1931 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Marriage 7 Aug 1947 to Martha Davis
Death[4] Dec 1985 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Occupation[4] Methodist lay minister (for a few years)
Occupation[4][5] school teacher
Education[4] Bachelor of Arts and M.M.
Military[4] He served in World War I, and was awarded a medal.
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    'I was born on my father's farm, about seven miles from the village of Baltimore, Ontario, Haldimand township, Northumberland County, 75 miles east of the city of Toronto, on August 12, 1891.'

  2. Ontario, Northumberland County, Haldimand Twp, in Canada. 1901 Census of Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada).

    Bengeman Stewart, born Dec 12 1863 (age 38), farmer
    wife: Ona O Stewart, born Dec 13 1868 (age 33)
    son: Robert E. Stewart, born Aug 12 1891 (age 10)
    daughter: Louran Stewart, born Apr 17 1895 (age 6)
    son: J Russell Stewart, born Dec 23 1896 (age 4)
    domestic: Lizzey Frost, born Aug 19 1887 (age 14) in England, immigrated in 1899, English Church
    all except Lizzey Frost born in rural O[ntario] and Methodist

  3. Northumberland County, Haldimand Twp, 1892, registration #022682, in Ontario, Canada. Ontario Canada Births 1869-1913. (Toronto, Ontario: Archives of Ontario).

    Robert Edward Stewart, born Aug 12 - 91
    parents: Benjamin Stewart (f[armer]) and Ona Edwards

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    bride: Florence May Berry, spinster, age 21, living at 550 Whalley New Road, Blackburn, daughter of William Lee Berry (cotton mill manager)
    married: August 2nd 1922 at S. Michael's Church, in the Parish of Blackburn in the County of Blackburn, according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by Licence, in the presence of Robert Fletcher Norris, Elizabeth Berry, Elizabeth Ann Clarke

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    He moved to Smoky Lake early in 1923.

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    son: Robert Stewart, born Aug 1891 (age 19), student
    daughter: Laura Stewart, born Apr 1894 (age 17), student
    daughter [sic]: Russell Stewart, born Dec 1896 (age 14)
    all born in O[ntario], all Methodist