Person:Robert McNUTT (1)

Facts and Events
Name Robert McNutt
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1775 Londonderry, Ireland
Death[1][2] 21 October 1798 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania[died of yellow fever]

NUMB: 622 In the book "Rev James Dunn 1732-1823" written by Benjamin J Gunn published 1891 and read in the Filson Club in Louisville, KY it stated that Robert McNutt died in 1798 from yellow fever.

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    Robert McNutt and Rosanna Dunn and Benjamin Dunn (Rosanna's brother) and Patrick McFarland "came to America near the close of the eighteenth century, ... Rosanna marrying Robert... daughter Mary Ann born 23 Oct 1798 ...Robert McNutt fell an early victim to a scourge of yellow fever in 1798"

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