Person:Robert Cowan (34)

Robert Cowan, The Loyalist
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Name Robert Cowan, The Loyalist
Gender Male


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This article is for the Robert Cowan of Bedford County Virginia, a loyalist who fled the country after the Revolution, and requested recompensation for his losses from the British crown.


In 1779, Lewis and Mary Haill of Bedford County, VA, sold 200 acres in Henry County to Robert Cowan of Bedford County, VA.
Original Source:Henry County Deed Book 1 page 293.
Intermediate Source:Mae Duncan, July 2012

On May 1, 1779 James Callaway of Bedford Co., VA wrote the following letter to the Speaker of the House of Delegates, Mr. Benjamin Harrison, regarding Robert Cowan, a British subject who was rejected admittance into the county because he was considered "unfriendly" to the country. Callaway stated that Cowan had returned to his former settlement in Bedford Co., VA. The Committee of Privileges and Elections reported and resolved on May 24, 1779 that Robert Cowan should not be permitted to reside in the state.

To Honorable Sir
Speaker of the House of Delegates
in the State of Virginia
Bedford County, May 1st 1779
I have, with the Advice of Sundry Cival and Military Officers of this County, thought it my Duty to Cite before your Honorable House the present Session Assembly, M. Robert Cowan (a North Brittain) who was last Fall Considered Unfriendly to this Country, and Rejected Admittance into this State by the legislature, and who has since then in Contempt of such Rejection, Imposed himself on the Country, and Arrived at his former Settlement in this County. Your Honorable House no Doubt will take such Notice of him as to them shall seem best. I only wish to observe that the said Cowan has been Absent from this State near two years, that he left it at a time when Our Affairs were by many thought Desperate, that he has resided in the King's Dominions till they are now Restored, and that his conduct in every respect before his Departure proved him to be an Enemy to this Country.
I am Sir
Your Very Obedient
Humble Servant
James Callaway
Original Source: Archives of the Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.
Intermediate Source:Calloway Family Association

we know from the will of Robert Cowan and the will of his wife, Elizabeth, that Robert Cowan was the father of Margaret Cowan, who was born in Bedford Co., VA in 1771. Margaret Cowan married James Penn who was Sarah Callaway's son. Sarah, who married Gabriel Penn, was the daughter of Richard Callaway and Frances Walton. Sarah Callaway and James Callaway were first cousins.

Original Source: Wills of Robert Cowan and Elizabeth Cowan, location not specified.
Intermediate Source:Calloway Family Association