Person:Robert Converse (2)

m. 1 Jan 1668/69
  1. James Converse1670 - Bef 1706
  2. John Converse1673 - 1707/08
  3. Elizabeth Converse1675 - 1694
  4. Capt. Robert Converse1677 - 1736
  5. Hannah Converse1680 - 1748
  6. Josiah Converse1683 - 1683
  7. Josiah Converse1684 - 1771
  8. Patience Converse1686 - 1707
  9. Ebenezer Converse1688 - 1693
  • HCapt. Robert Converse1677 - 1736
  • WMary Sawyer - Bef 1766
m. 19 Dec 1698
  1. Elizabeth Converse1699 -
  2. Mary Converse1701/02 - Bef 1786
  3. Esther Converse1704 - 1737
  4. Hannah Converse1706 - Aft 1755
  5. Ebenezer Converse1708 - 1765
  6. James Converse1710 - 1737
  7. Sarah Converse1713 -
  8. Anna Converse1715 -
  9. Benjamin Converse1718 - Bef 1727
  10. Keziah Converse1721 - 1808
  11. Susannah Converse1724 - 1771
  12. Benjamin Converse1727 - 1729
Facts and Events
Name[1] Capt. Robert Converse
Gender Male
Birth[2] 29 Dec 1677 Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 19 Dec 1698 Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Sawyer
Death[3][4] 20 Jul 1736 Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Johnson, Edward Francis. Notes on the Family of Deacon Edward Convers. Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Woburn Records of Births, Deaths, and Marriages
    3:327, 328.

    Children of Major James Convers and Hannah Carter: Robert, b. 29 Dec 1677, d. 20 Jul 1736, m. 19 Dec 1698 Mary Sawyer. 12 children.

  2. Johnson, Edward F. Woburn Records of Births, Deaths, and Marriages . (Woburn, Massachusetts: Andrews, Cutler & Co., 1890-1919)

    CONVERSE, Robert, s. of James [born] Dec. 29, 1677.

  3. Johnson, Edward F. Woburn Records of Births, Deaths, and Marriages . (Woburn, Massachusetts: Andrews, Cutler & Co., 1890-1919)

    CONVERSE, Capt. Robert, s. of ---, [died] July 20, 1736.

  4. Film 386061: Files 4907-4997, in Massachusetts. Probate Court (Middlesex County). Probate records, 1648-1924. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1964-1967)
    File 4946:Robert Convers 1736.

    23 Aug 1736: Bond of Mary Converse Widow, Ebenezer Converse Husbandman both of Wobourn with William Symms of Charlestown Clothier & William Munroe of Lexington Husbandman as sureties admitted administ'rs of the Estate of Robert Converse late of Wobourn aforesaid Husbandman Dece'd Intestate.
    1 Nov 1736: Inventory of the Estate what was Cap'tn Robert Convers's Deceased; Late of Woburn: £1505=16=0 by Sam'll Carter, Thomas Belknap Jun'r, James Convers.
    21 Feb 1736/7: Accounting of Ebenezer Converse "the only acting admin'r" allowed.
    25 Jul 1737: Account of Mary Converse widow & Eben'r Converse adminst'rs
    12 Nov 1737: Petition of "the Subscribers and heirs to the Estate of Cap't Robart Converse" for appraisal of real estate, signed by Mary Converse, Ebenezer Thomson, Isaac Snow, Josiah [Symonds?], Ann Converse
    7 Dec 1737: When we had perfected our Inventory we proceeded to set of[f] to Mary Converse Widow to ye s'd Cap't Robert Converse De'd one full third, remaining two thirds we have sett of[f] to the Eldest Son of the said Deceased Namly Ebenezer Converse, advances noted to Ebenezer, to Elizabeth daughter of s'd Dec'd:, to Mary Daughter of said Deceased, to Ester Daughter of ye afores'd Dec'd, to Hannah Daughter of ye afores'd Dec'd, to Sarah Daughter of the aforesaid Dec'd, to Ann Daughter of the afores'd Dec'd, to Cesiah Daughter of the s'd Decd'd, to Susannah Daughter of s'd Dec'd. Acknowledged by Mary Converse, Ebenezer Convers, Josiah Simonds, Isaac Snow, Ebenezer Tomson, Daniel Reed Junr, Ann Converse.
    28 May 1739: Accounting of Mrs Mary Converse & Mr Eben'r Converse allowed.
    28 May 1739: Settlement: Ebenezer to pay charges, then to pay varying amounts to his sisters, listed as Elizabeth, Mary, Esther, Hannah, Sarah, Anne, Keziah, Susanna.
    14 Jan 1739: Real estate given to "Ebenezer Converse, only son of Capt. Robert Converse late of Wobourn in s'd County Dece'd Intestate", "being two thirds parts of the Real Estate of the said Dece'd ... the other third part being set off to the said Deceased's widow Mary Converse for her Dower during Life" "provided He the said Ebenezer Converse ... pay his sisters (Children of the s'd Dece'd) viz. To Elizabeth Converse ... to Mary Converse ... to Esther Converse ... to Hannah Converse ... to Sarah Converse ... to Anne Converse ... to Keziah Converse ... To Susanna Converse ..."
    26 May 1767: Appraisal of the Estate of Cap't Robert Converse late of Woburn Whereof He died Seized In the county Middlesex aforesaid, Which was Set off to His Widow Mary for her Dower. [Notation on back: Children: Ebenezer, Elizabeth's Heirs, Mary, Esther's Heirs, Hannah's Heirs, Sarah, Anne, Kesiah, Susanna. To be settled on Bejamin Eldest Son Eben'r (who was son of s'd dec'd). Eben'rs Children: Benjamin, Robert, James, Jos[iah?], Ruth, Mary; Widow of Eben'r: Ruth (living).]
    27 May 1767: "unto Benjamin Converse Eldest Son of Ebenezer Converse Deceas'd who was the only son of Capt. Robert Converse late of Woburn in said County Dece'd Intestate all those Pieces and Parvcels of Land ... which was lately set off to the said Intestate's widow Mary (now also Deceas'd ) for her Dower .. provided he the said Benjamin ... pay his brothers & sisters (Children of the said Ebenezer) viz. Robert, James, Josiah, Ruth & Mary ... and to his aunts (Children of the said Robert the Intestate aforesaid) viz. Mary, Sarah, Anne, Keziah & Susanna ... and the Heirs at Law of his aunt Elizabeth Dece'd ... and to the Heir at Law of his aunt Hannah ... and to the Heir at Law of his aunt Esther ..."