Person:Robert Beverley (5)

Robert Beverley, of Newlands, Spotsylvania County
b.6 November 1701 Middlesex County, Virginia
m. about 1695
  1. Elizabeth Beverley1697 - 1747
  2. Robert Beverley, of Newlands, Spotsylvania County1701 - 1733
  3. Mary Beverley1704 -
  4. Susannah Beverley1706 - 1778
  5. Catherine Beverley1708 - 1778
  6. Agatha Beverley1716 - BEF 1757
  • HRobert Beverley, of Newlands, Spotsylvania County1701 - 1733
  • WAnn Stanardbef 1710 -
m. 10 April 1729
  1. Harry Beverley1730 - 1797
Facts and Events
Name Robert Beverley, of Newlands, Spotsylvania County
Gender Male
Birth[1] 6 November 1701 Middlesex County, Virginia
Marriage 10 April 1729 Virginiato Ann Stanard
Death[1] 12 May 1733 St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Will of Robert Beverley

BEVERLEY, ROBERT, St. George's Parish, d. May 12, 1733, p. June 5, 1733.
Wit. Elias Watt, Jerome Armon, Larkin Chew, W. Beverley.
Ex. my wife; cousin William Beverley and my brother Benjamin Winslow, in case of my wife's marriage.
Leg. Mentions late father, Mr. Harry Beverley; nephew Beverley Stanard 6,000 acres of land, part of the tract at the mountains in Spotsylvania Co. called Octonia Land;
brother-in-law Benjamin Winslow 3,000 acres of the same tract;
to Anthony Head 200 acres of the same tract to include the plantation the said Head now lives on;
to Robert Dearing 200 acres of the Octonia Tract;
my only son Harry Beverley, not to be sent to England, but put to school at ye college at the age of ten years. William Beverley to be his guardian;
my three unmarried sisters, Mary, Catharine and Agatha, to live in my house at Neroland as previously;
wife Ann Beverley;
my five sisters;
my sister Stanard's two daughters.
[Spotsylvania County Will Book, Page 188]

Records in Virginia

Pages 1-2. 25 Nov. 1742. William Beverley of Blanfield, Essex County, Esq., to Benja. Winslow of Essex County, Gent.
For £175.
3,000 acres given to Benjamin Winslow by the last will and testament of Robert Beverley, Esq., deceased, which Benjamin Winslow conveyed to William Beverley by deed recorded in the General Court 20 Oct. 1737...
(signed) W. Beverley
Wit: Richd. Barnes, Wm. Waller, Beverley Stanard.
26 Nov. 1742. Acknowledged by William Beverley, Esq.
[Orange County Virginia Deed Book 7, Dorman, pg. 39].


From "Major Robert Beverley and His Descendants", by W.G. Stanard:

15. Robert3 Beverley (Harry2, Robert1), son of Captain Harry Beverley and Madam Elizaqbeth, his wife, was born November 6, 1701 (Christ Church Register); married April 10, 1729, Ann, daughter of William Stanard, of Middlesex County, and died in 1733. His seat was "Newlands" Spotsylvania County, and he was a rather exceptional instance of a Virginian of large estate who never held public office.
Robert Beverley patented 24,000 acres of land in Spotsylvania (now in Greene), called the "Octonia" tract.

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