Person:Richard Noell (1)

Richard C. Noell
m. 25 Mar 1750
  1. Richard C. Noell1759 - 1800
m. 1787
Facts and Events
Name Richard C. Noell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1759 Essex County, Virginia
Marriage 1787 to Mary Crutchfield
Death[1] 16 Jan 1800 Orange County, Virginia

Military Service

American Revolutionary War Veteran

Revolutionary War Pension Information

Information from “Virginia/West Virginia Genealogical Data from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Records”, Vol. 4, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Col. U.S. Army Ret. :

Noell, Richard, born 8/1759 or 8/1760 in Essex County, Virginia, son of Rice [Noell]; entered service 1777 in Richmond, Virginia, while student at William & Mary College, in Virginia regiment; died 1/16/1800 in Orange County, Virginia; married 2/9/1787 to Mary/Molly (Marriage Bond 2/1/1787 signed by her father Stapleton Crutchfield, witness by R.B. Chew), Spotsylvania County, Virginia, per certificate in 1840 by Stapleton Crutchfield, County Court Clerk then; County Justice of the Peace then Robert Crutchfield; soldier's widow died there 7/1838 or 8/1838; children's births: Flavius Stapleton 12/3/1787 (died 1822, leaving children Maria Hall & Mary S.), Alfred 2/15/1791, Lucy Taylor (married Warner L. Cropp), Sally/Sarah Ann Crutchfield (married Silas Cropp, & died in 1824 leaving son Flavius Stapleton); soldier's widow never applied for Pention; son Alfred applied for Pension in Grainger County, Tennessee in 1840 for self, slblings & heirs of dec'd siblings, & granted Pension due mother; Wharton Nunn made affidavit then in Claiborne County, Tennessee, entered service 1776 in Virginia regiment, was raised in King George County, Virginia & knew soldier Richard Noell when they were boys, Richard having lived 6 miles east in Essex County; John Raines made affidavit age 75 in Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1838 that he entered service 1777 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, in same unit with Richard Noell, moved after Revolutionary War to Wilkes County, North Carolina, thence in 1828 to Hawkins County, Tennessee; widow's brother Robert Crutchfield made affidavit 1840 abt. age 67 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, when Lynn B. Goodloe was Justice of the Peace; query letter in file in 1931 from descendant Mrs. H.M. Taylor, Greenville, Tennessee says soldier presented was sword by General George Washington for gallant service & sword was still in her family possession. F-W1465, R1824.

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  2.   Graves, William T. Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements & Rosters.

    Pension application of Richard Noell W1465 Mary f67VA
    Transcribed by Will Graves 1/20/13

    State of Tennessee Grainger County: On this 13th day of November 1840 personally appeared Alfred Noell one of the children and heirs at law of Mary Noell widow of Richard Noell deceased and the said Alfred Noell being first duly sworn on the holy evangelist of Almighty God & according to law by me Jesse F Beeler one of the justices of the peace for said County & state aforesaid doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 7th 1838 – entitled an act granting half pay and pensions to certain widows of officers and soldiers of the Revolution – States that his Father Richard Noell was a soldier in the revolutionary war and served in the Continental line of Virginia in the Cavalry; that he knows from papers Commissions and other circumstances that he enlisted in the cavalry of the Continental line as orderly Sergeant; that he served about two years and half as Sergeant and as he is informed and believes was then promoted to the office of Lieutenant in the said service and served about six months when he was made Adjutant and served as such about twelve months and was then promoted to that of Brigade Major and served as affiant is informed and believes as such until the close of the war in April 1783. Affiant states that as he is informed & believes that his father Richard Noell entered the service in about the close of the year 1776 or early in January 1777 at Richmond Virginia as orderly Sergeant the name of the officers I now cannot remember although I have often heard it and joined the brigade or division under General Muhlenberg and joined the main Army under General Washington and was in the battle of Brandywine [September 11, 1777], Germantown [October 4, 1777] and with General Gates and Arnold at the taking of Burgoyne [October 7, 1777]; at Monmouth [June 28, 1778] he was also at the taking of Stony Point [July 16, 1779] under General Wayne early in the year 1781 he volunteered to carry an express from General Washington to General Green [Nathanael Greene] on the North Carolina line and as he understood and believes there volunteered to serve in the campaign under Colonel Washington & General Morgan at the battle of the Cowpens [January 17, 1781] and there received a severe wound in the forehead in the charge made on the British line at that place with a sword or Cutlass; and believes he also joined in the affair at Guilford [March 15, 1781] under General Green and then returned with an express from General Green of the particulars of that affair to Head Quarters again and was as he believes from information made Brigade Major in which capacity he served to the disbanding the Army in 1783 and he states that for his services as orderly Sergeant he would refer you to a certificate from the Auditor's office Richmond Virginia showing that there was 92 2/9 pounds Virginia money due him for that part of his service as orderly Sergeant marked A; that for the other particulars of his services and different grades of office he filled during five years and nine
    months service would refer you to the depositions ofWhorton Nunn
    1 & John Rains Marked B and C which will accompany this declaration. This Applicant states that his father Richard Noell was married to Molly or Mary Crutchfield who was his mother and the mother of the other heirs hereafter to be named to wit Flavius Stapleton Noell who was born the 3rd day of December 1787 and died in the year 1822 leaving two children to wit Maria Hall Noell and Mary S Noell who were of the surviving heirs of Flavius Stapleton Noell who was the eldest son of Richard Noell & Mary his wife who was Molly Crutchfield; Lucy Taylor Noell who was married to Warner C. Cropp & who is both still living; Sally a Crutchfield Noell who was married to Silas Cropp in the year 1823 and died in the winter of 1824 perhaps in February leaving one son Flavius Stapleton Cropp born about the time of her death or a few days previous to that event; being all the heirs now living or their survivors of the said Richard Noell and wife Mary & for proof of the facts refer you to the deposition of Colonel Robert Crutchfield accompanying this declaration and marked D and for the proofs of their marriage would also refer you to the exhibit D and to the Copy of the bann bond from the clerk's office of Spotsylvania County Virginia duly certified marked E. This Applicant states that he has no other documentary evidence although there was several certificates for service and commissions and orders from General Washington and other commanders in possession of his Father Richard Noell at his death which took place in January about the 16th in the year 1800 he was born in the month of August I think and in the year 1759 or sixty when he entered the service he was a student William & Mary college and continued through the War, these papers last referred to was destroyed in the year 1822 or 23 by an accidental circumstance which took place as follows. The desk of his Father that contained the papers for many years after his death was put in an out room of the house; the roof became somewhat impaired and was neglected a leak in the roof unnoticed fell upon the desk they became wet and molded and almost all ruined and his mother put them out in the sun on the scaffold to dry a thunderstorm came up the papers forgotten and all was destroyed and is therefore impossible to produce them in the month of June or July of one of the years referred to he would state that his father was born in Essex County & raised there he entered service as before stated was married in Spotsylvania County and resided there until within two years of his death he then resided in Orange County Virginia & there died. His mother Mary has resided in Spotsylvania from the time of his death until her own death which took place about the first of August 1838: was a widow on the 7th of July 1838 and died the widow of Richard Noell and is the same referred to in the Declaration and the several exhibits accompanying this declaration; To recapitulate from the evidence produced it is certain beyond doubt that Richard Noell was a soldier of the Revolution and filled different offices from that of orderly Sergeant to that of Brigade Major, that had he been alive he was entitled to a pension equal to that of Captain, that in consequence of his services; and the marriage of my mother after the last term of his Services and previous to the first of January 1794 and died his widow at the time previously stated is entitled her to a stipend as a vested right from the 4th of March 1836 of whatever amount would have been due her deceased husband as a pension until the day of her death which took place in about the first of August 1838 and for proof see exhibit D which provision was made by the act of July 7th 1838 as referred to previously and in consequence of her death her heirs which has been referred to is entitled to whatever would be due the said widow & mother of the said heirs heretofore named, This applicant states that this is the first application for a pension for the widow of the said Richard Noell; he was state that his own age is fifty years the 15th of February next; that he was born in the year 1791 and his mother's age at the time of her death was about 70
    years old and further declares that she was married to the said Richard Noell on the 9th of January 1787; and that her husband aforesaid Richard Noell died about the 16th of January 1800 and this applicant avers as he is informed & believes she was not married to him previous to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to the first day of January 1794 that
    is at the time above stated. Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year first above written before me
    S/ Jesse F Beeler, JP S/ Alfred Noel
    And I do further certify Dr. Alfred Noel is and has been in bad health for a considerable time and could not go to the courthouse to make the foregoing Declaration without perhaps endangering his already impaired Constitution and that I do further certify that he is a man of good moral character I have known him for many years and that full faith and credit should be given to any statement he would make on oath. Given under my hand & seal this day & year first above written.
    S/ Jesse F Beeler, JP
    [f p. 11: Certified copy of a marriage bond dated February 1, 1787 issued in Spotsylvania County Virginia to Richard Noel & Stapleton Crutchfield conditioned upon the marriage of Richard Noel to Molly Crutchfield.]
    [f p. 16]
    Commonwealth of Virginia Spotsylvania County: Personally appeared on this 13th day of July 1841 before me Robert Crutchfield a Justice of the peace for said County Alfred Noell one of the legal heirs of Robert Noell & Mary his deceased widow who is also the declarant in right of his mother for a Pension under the act of July 7th 1838 and made oath in due form of law that there is but 2 of the Children of the said Richard Noell & Mary his Deceased widow now living and only the same to that was living at the passage of the law 7th of July 1838 to wit the present Affiant Alfred Noell and Lucy T. Cropp who was Lucy T. Noell as set forth in the original declaration neither having died since the passage of the law referred to.
    He further states that from the best information he has been able to obtain from the records and otherwise from Richmond the records being in very imperfect state many of the returns having been destroyed by the rats and time so that no very satisfactory evidence of the particular Captains' Company can be had but that from the best evidence on the subject as he is informed and always understood and believes that the original enlistment of his Father Richard Noell in the revolution was in Captain Washington Company of cavalry and Major Lee's Battalion afterwards Colonel Lee who commanded the Regiment of cavalry at the North end Jersey Pennsylvania & New York in the year of 1781 or early part of that year he served under Colonel Washington in North Carolina who was originally Captain Washington who commanded the Regiment of Cavalry at the Cowpens and at Guilford Courthouse North Carolina the above the Regiment I do not know they were of the Continental line of Virginia No. Of the Regiment I do not know they were of the Continental line of Virginia he states the facts were set forth on his own knowledge he knows to be true and those stated from imperfect state of the records and the
    information of others he believes to be true. Sworn and subscribed this day and year first above written given under my hand and seal.
    S/ Robert Crutchfield S/ Alfred Noell
    [f p. 20]
    This is to Certify, That it appears from a List in this Office of such Officers and Soldiers of the Virginia Continental Line, during the Revolutionary War, as settled their Accounts, and received Certificates for the balance of their Full Pay, according to an Act of Assembly, passed the November Session 1781, that a Certificate issued on the 16th day of July 1783, in the name of Richard Noell, as a Sergeant of Cavalry for £90.10.9, which Certificate appears to have been delivered to himself and was given for services prior to the 1st January 1782.
    Given under my hand, at the Auditor's Office, Richmond, this
    14th day of September 1838.
    S/ Jas E. Heath, AUDITOR
    [f p. 22]
    State of Tennessee Claiborne County: Be it known that on the __ day of March __ personally appeared before me a justice of the peace for said County of Claiborne Whorton Nunn of said County being first duly sworn on the holy evangelists of Almighty God to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth deposeth and saith as follows Viz. that he entered the service about Christmas of 1776 in the Continental line of Virginia under Captain Casey and Colonel Woods Regiment of infantry and was marched on to Pennsylvania and continued in the service the rise of three years was engaged in the Battle of Brandywine, Stony Point against the six Nations under General Russell White Plains and Trenton & various other engagements in New York New Jersey & recollects that when we marched on to the battle of Brandywine saw Richard Noell of Essex County Virginia in the Dragoons going on to the same place he was then orderly Sergeant I knew him from a boy I was raised in King George County & he in Essex not more than six miles apart the River between he served on as about two years and a half as Sergeant & was made Lieutenant and served about six months he was then made a Staff Officer Adjutant; he served then I think the rise of twelve months as Regiment he was made Brigade Major after he went to carry an express to General Green or Morgan in the South and served as well as I recollect about 18 months as Brigade Major and he continued in the service as long as I stayed until 1781 & continued in the service after and as I understood until the end of the war and was discharged as I understood when the Army was disbanded in New York; I saw him after the war and know him to be the same that was married to Mary Crutchfield of Spotsylvania County in or about 1786 or 1787 I could go more into particulars but these are substantially the facts.
    Question 1: Mr. Nunn can you tell what Regiment or company he served in
    Answer I cannot recollect the names of the officers being very old & frail of memory now 87 or 8 perhaps 89 years old Richard Noell was younger than myself some few years he was son of Rice Noel of Essex County
    Question 2nd, you say you was well acquainted with Richard Noell do you think you could be
    mistaken in the Richard Noell that married Mary Crutchfield being the same that served throughout the War in the different capacities & offices you have spoken of
    Answer I could not be mistaken
    Further this deponent saith not
    Sworn & subscribed this first of April 1839 S/ Whorton Nunn, X his mark
    [f p. 26]
    State of Tennessee Hawkins County: Be it remembered that on this 28th November in the year A.D. 1838 personally appeared before me Milington Brewer a justice of the peace for the said County of Hawkins State aforesaid, John Rains who being first duly sworn according to law on the holy evangelist of Almighty God to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, deposeth and saith as follows Viz. That he entered the service in April 1777 in the Continental line of Virginia in the dragoons service under Captain John Holliday for during the war he states that he is 75 years old as well as he recollects he has no record of his age in Spotsylvania County Virginia; in a few days was marched to Winchester Virginia and from thence to the White Plains and says that Richard Noell was in the dragoons at the same time and was a Corporal and one of the companies the Captain's name not recollected that we marched on to join General Washington under Brigade General Muhlenberg to the battle of Brandywine and says that said Noell than himself was in the battle of Germantown and after was in a detachment sent to the relief of General Gates and Arnold and was at the surrender of Burgoyne which was in October the same year about the middle of the month; in 1778 they arrived at Monmouth and night ended the battle the British General Clinton marched off in the night and Washington pursued him to the White Plains and then the Americans returned to Valley Forge Richard Noell was still with us and continued in the Army and was in the several engagements and when General Wayne went to take Stony Point Volunteers was raised out of the several lines to go under General Wayne to take Stony Point Richard Noel was a long and in the engagement at that place he was orderly Sergeant at that time and some officers being wanted after these several battles Richard Noel was made Lieutenant in place of some of those that had fail and in1780 or the early part of 1781 Richard Noel was made Adjutant Major and soon after he volunteered to carry an express from General Washington to General Green in North Carolina as I understood and volunteered to serve in the campaign against Tarleton at the Cowpens and from report was wounded in the head there with a sword or cutlass and I have heard he took part in the affair at Guilford Courthouse with General Greene and Morgan after this he returned again to the northern Army where he was made Brigade Major and served in that capacity until the disbanding of the Army in November 1783 we had been marched to near New York before we got our discharges. Richard Noel was then and had been more than a year Brigade Major and about a year before that Adjutant we was in several little skirmishes in the North before we was discharged at this time he belonged to the brigade I was then the Army where he was made brigade Major just before the siege of York and as I observed before continued in that office until we was discharged.
    Question1: Mr. Rains how long was you acquainted with Richard Noell before the war
    Answer I think 5 or 6 years from this time he was quite a boy
    Question 2nd. Do you not know that in the revolution the men and officers was frequently transferred from one Regiment to others and frequently new companies made out of several remnants of other companies
    Answer It was frequently the case and transferred from Regiment to Regiment from company to company and from division as the nature of the service required
    Question 3. Do you know whether Mr. Richard Noel you speak of was the son of Rice Noell of S6 County Virginia
    Answer he was
    Question 4th Do you know who Richard Noell married and how long after the war of the revolution
    Answer he married Mary Crutchfield daughter of Stapleton Crutchfield of Spotsylvania County Virginia
    Question 5th: Do you know whether Alfred Noell is a son of Richard Noell's
    Answer he is as I have always understood
    Question 5th: How long do you think from your knowledge of the facts Richard Noel served in the different capacities he served in together and how long in each
    Answer: He served the rise of 5 years altogether about 3 years as Corporal Sergeant & Lieutenant about 12 months Adjutant and more than a year as Brigade Major
    Question 7th Mr. Rains are you not a pensioner of the United States, also where did you live after the War where have you lived since and where do you now live?
    Answer I lived in Spotsylvania County 28 years in North Carolina Wilkes County about 10 years and since I have and now live in Hawkins County Tennessee and am now a pensioner on the roll of the United States.
    Questions 8: You all well acquainted in Essex County and Spotsylvania as well as Carolina did you ever know of but the one Richard Noel in the time of the war of the revolution
    Answer I never did know but the one referred to heretofore
    Question 9th: How long was you acquainted with Richard Noell before the war and how long after the war was over and whether you could be mistaken in the identical Richard Noell that filled those different offices throughout the war
    Answer I think I knew him and saw him frequently until 1798 when he moved to Orange County and I have understood he died in the early part of the year 1800 and I know I could not be mistaken being well acquainted with him before the revolution, through the whole struggle and 15 or 16 years after and further this deponent saith not.
    Sworn to and subscribed the day and year first above written.
    S/ John Rains, X his mark
    [Veteran's widow's heirs were pensioned at the rate of $180 per annum commencing March 4th, 1836 and ending July 18, 1838 by virtue of her husband's service as a Sergeant of Cavalry in the Virginia Continental line for 2 years.]
    [From bounty land records in the Library of Virginia]
    I do hereby certify that the Bearer Mr. Richard Noell served 3 years as Corporal in the 3rd Regiment of Light Dragoons
    S/ George Baylor, Late Colo.
    Caroline County
    January the 29th 1784
    1 Wharton (Whorton) Nunn W974 </div>