Person:Richard Duckett (7)

Richard Duckett, Jr.
m. 16 Jan 1699
  1. Mary Duckett1699 - Abt 1743
  2. Elizabeth Duckett1700 -
  3. Charity Duckett1703 -
  4. Richard Duckett, Jr.1704/05 - Bef 1788
  5. John Duckett1706 -
  6. Anne Duckett1711 -
  7. Suzanna Duckett1712 -
  8. Jacob Duckett, , Senior1714 - 1764
  9. Rachel Duckett1716 -
  10. Martha Duckett1716 -
  11. Sarah Duckett1718 -
  • HRichard Duckett, Jr.1704/05 - Bef 1788
  • WMary NuthallBef 1711 - Bef 1735
m. 13 Nov 1729
  1. Richard Duckett, III1732 - Bef 1803
  2. John Duckett, Jr.1733/34 - Aft 1780
m. 2 Jun 1735
  1. Richard Jacob Duckett
  2. Eleanor Duckett1737 -
  3. Martha Duckett1738/39 -
  4. Charity Duckett1740 - Bef 1785
  5. Elizabeth Duckett1741 -
  6. Thomas Duckett1743 - 1806
  7. Baruch DuckettAbt 1745 - 1810
  8. Ann Duckett1747 - Aft 1785
  9. Rachael Williams Duckett1748 -
  10. Jacob Duckett1751 -
  11. Isaac Duckett1753 -
  12. Rignal Duckett1755 -
  13. Eleanor Duckett, , 2Nd1758 -
Facts and Events
Name Richard Duckett, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 21 Feb 1704/05 Anne Arundel County, MarylandAll Hallow's Parish
Christening[1] 8 Jul 1705 Anne Arundel County, MarylandAll Hallow's Parish
Marriage 13 Nov 1729 Prince George's County, MarylandQueen Anne's Parish
to Mary Nuthall
Marriage 2 Jun 1735 to Elizabeth Williams
Will[1][5] 12 Sep 1785 Prince George's County, Maryland
Death[1] bef 29 Sep 1788 Prince George's County, Maryland[probate]
Will[1][5] 29 Sep 1788 Prince George's County, Maryland
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    [NOTE: Some of the following data re: Richard Duckett, Jr., and descendants, is taken from Bowie2, Warfield3, and Baker4. Mrs. Bowie's work, in particular, contains quite a number of errors, but it is to be hoped that at least most of these data abstracted (primarily Bowie connections), are accurate.]

    Immediately following, are abstracts of records we've discovered, concerning Richard Duckett, Jr.

    April 17, 1738
    "Mr. Richard Duckett was elected vestryman ..." [Queen Anne's Parish Vestry Minutes, p. __.]

    March 21, 1740
    Indenture between Philip Prather, planter, and Richard Duckett, planter, both of Prince George's County, Maryland. "Witnesseth that ye said Philip Prather for & in consideration of ye Sum of Sixtypounds Sterling money of England to him in hand already paid by the said Richard Duckett ... hath granted bargained & sold ... part of a tract of Land called Spriggs request, which was laid out by John Flint for ye said Philip Prather in ye Division between ye three Brothers (Vizt) Thos. Prather, John Smith Prather, & the sd Philip Prather, together with allwoods & underwoods, timber and timber trees, houses, Orchards, Gardens, fences, ways, water courses [etc.] ..." /s/ Philip Prather. Wit: John Beall, Thos. Gantt jun. [Prince George's County Land Records, Liber Y,ff. 141 - 142.]

    January 20, 1742
    Indenture between Elinor Pratt, Inn keeper and Richard Duckett, planter, both of Prince George's County. "Witnesseth that the said Elinor Pratt for and in consideration of the sum of Twenty Pounds Sterling money of Great Brittain to her in hand paid ... by the said Richard Duckett ... the said Elinor Pratt ... doth ... give Grantbargain sell ... unto the said Richard Duckett ... all that Tract or Parcell of Land Lying and being in the Country and Province afforesd Being Part of Spriggs Request & given by Elinor Murdock to the said Elinor Pratt Containing Sixty Six Acres Together with all woods ...[etc.] ..." /s/ Eleanor Pratt. Wit: George Beall, Thos. Chittam.[Ibid., ff. 636 - 637.]

    March 24, 1742
    (Following release was recorded this date) "... Knowye that Thomas Prather of Prince Georges County in the Province of Maryland Planter for Divers Good Causes and Considerations ... hath Remised Released and for Ever quit Claimed ... unto Richard Duckett of the County and Province Aforesd. Planter in his full and Peaceable possession ... all such Right Estate Title and Interest and Demand whatsoever he the said Thomas Prather had or ought to have of in or to all that Part of a Tract of Land Called Spriggs Request ( in his Lordship Mannor upon Collington) formerly laid out for Phillip Prather by a Divison made by agreement Between him and his Brother John Smith Prather and the said Thomas Prather ..." [Ibid., ff. 637 - 638.]

    August 3, 1742
    "Upper Queen Anne's Parish Vestry Meeting Present: Mr. Edw. Sprigg & Mr. Osborn Sprigg ... The Revd. Mr. Jacob Henderson. Pew #13 drawn by Mr. Benj. Hall, Mr. Rignald Odell & Mrs. Mary Hall #11to Mr. Richard Duckett." [Archives, op. cit., Volume 28, Page 288.]

    October 26, 1747
    Indenture between Thomas Prather, planter and Richard Duckett, planter, both of Prince George's County ... "Witnesseth that the said Thomas Prather for and in Consideration of the sum of Forty seven pounds ten Shillings Sterling money to him in hand ... by the said Richard Ducket well and truly paid ... doth fully ... give, grant, Bargain, Sell [etc.] ... all that Tract or parcel of Land part of a Tract of Land Called Spriggs Request ... Containing and laid out for one Hundred and Eleven Acres and a Quarter together with all Timber and Timber Trees Houses [etc.] ... /s/ Thos Prather. Wit: F. Williams, Jur,Jam: Edmondston. (Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Prather released her Dower.) [Ibid., Liber EE, ff. 337 - 338.)

    October 27, 1750
    Richard Duckett assigned his right to a warrant for 300 acres of land in Frederick County, to (his brother) Jacob Duckett.

    May 11, 1752
    Indenture between Thomas Odell Junr. planter, and Richard Duckett planter, both of Prince George's County. "Witnesseth that the said Thomas Odell for and in consideration of the sum of Three hundred and Seventy pounds Sterling money to him in hand ... by the said Richard Duckett well and Truly paid ... doth fully ... give, Grant, Bargain, alien, Sell, and Confirm unto the said Richard Duckett ... all that ... parcel of Land Lying in Prince Georges County being part of a tract of Land called Darnall's Grove ... (perches given) ... containing three hundred acres more or less together with all buildings ... (etc.)"/s/ Thos. Odell Jun. Wit: Thos. Williams, Morda. Jacob. [Ibid., Liber NN, ff. 17 - 18.]

    Deed to Richard Duckett and Thomas Williams from Jeremiah Crabb. [Frederick County, Maryland, Deed Book, E. Page 1064.]

    June 7, 1757
    Richard Duckett (Jr.) appears as "Sr.", this date, when(his son) Richard Duckett "Jr." (3rd) was appointed Church Warder.[Queen Anne's Parish Vestry Minutes, Prince George's County.]

    August 20, 1759
    Indenture (Deed of Gift) between "Richard Duckett, Gent of Prince Georges County and John Duckett Jun. of the City of Annapolis Scrivener" ... witnesseth that the said Richard Duckett as well for and in Consideration of the natural Love and affection which he hathand beareth unto the said John Duckett Junr. his Son as also for the better Maintenance and Preferment of the said John Duckett Jur. Hath given granted [etc.] ... all that Trace or Parcel of Land called Duckett's Misfortune scituate lying & being formerly in Prince Georges but now in Frederick County Beginning ... about a Quarter of a Mile below John Rutters on a Draught of Antietam it being the beginning Tree of Rutters Delight ... containing Two hundred acres of Land more or less..." /s/ Richard Duckett. Wit: Morda. Jacob, Thos. Williams.(Elizabeth, wife of Richard Duckett, "made over her Right of Dower".)[Ibid., Liber F, ff. 811 - 183.]

    April 15, 1763
    "Know all men by these presents that I John Smith Prather of Prince George's County, I am (sic! Inn) holder am held &firmly Bound unto Richard Duckett of ye same County Planter in the full &Just Sum of Two hundred Pounds Sterling money of Great Brittain, to be paid unto the said Richard Duckett ... the condition of the above obligation is such that if the above Bound John Smith Prather his Heirsor assigns doth and shall by Good and Sufficient Special Warrants makeover and doth and shall by Good and Sufficient Special Warrants make over and Convey unto the above mentioned Richard Duckett all that Tract or parcel of land which is now in the possession of Jeremiah Prather Junr. being part of a Tract of land Call'd Spriggs Request lying & being in ye County aforesaid Containing One hundred and Eleven acres more or less, by or before after when thereunto required. Then the above obligation to bevoid ... else to remain in full force ..." /s/ John Smith Prather. Wit: Thos. Chittam, Zechariah Prather. [Ibid., Liber TT, f. 135.]

    August 11, 1764
    Indenture between Elizabeth Prather, Inn Holder and Richard Duckett Planter, both of Prince George's County. "Witnesseth that the said Elizabeth Prather for and in consideration of the Sum of five Shillings Sterlling to her in hand Paid by the Said Richard Duckett... doth give, Grant bargain, Sell (etc.) ... unto the said Richard Duckett, his Heirs, etc.) ... all her Right of Dower unto a certain Tractor Parcell of Land lying and being in the Country aforesid Called Part of Spriggs Request which said Tract contains the quantity of One hundred Spriggs Request which said Tract contains the quantity of One hundred and Eleven Acres more or less ..." /s/ Elizabeth Prather. Wit: Jno. Cooke, Chrisr. Loundes. [Ibid., Liber TT, ff. 336 - 337.]

    (NOTE: This compiler has only the references to the following instruments, and not even the dates for all of them; therefore, some may be too late, and may not refer to this Richard Duckkett.)
    1767 - Richard Duckett and F. T. Williams from Jeremiah Crabb. [Frederick County, Maryland, Deed Book K, Page 4432.]

    1768 - Richard Duckett to Jeremiah Crabb. [Ibid., Book L, Page 160.]

    1770 - Richard Duckett and F. T. Williams to Francis Bellmear. [Ibid.,Book N, Page 436.]

    [Date ?] - Richard Duckett to Richard Duckett, Junior. [Prince George's County, Book NN, Page 302.]

    [Date ?] - Richard Duckett to Baruch Duckett. [Prince George's County, Book AA-2, Page 111.]

    [Date ?] - Richard Duckett to John and Jeremiah Prather. [Ibid., BookBB-2, Page 138.]

    [Date ?] - Richard Duckett from Richard Duckett, Junior. [Ibid., BookCC-2, Pages 386, 395]

    1772 - John Smith Prather (2nd) to Richard Duckett.

    1778 - Richard Duckett signed the Oath of Fidelity, Prince George's Count. [Brumbaugh, op. cit., Volume 2, Page 296]

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    [records of Richard Duckett, Jr.]

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  5. 5.0 5.1 Will Transcript of Richard Duckett, in Prince George's County, Maryland Will Book
    Liber T, No 1, folio 266.

    Will of Richard Duckett, Junior

    IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the 12th day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty five I Richard Duckett of Prince Georges County in the state of Maryland being in sound mind & memory doth make this my last Will and Testament. First I recommend my Soul to almighty God hoping for Salvation through the merits of Jesus Christ and my body to the Earth to be buried in such decent manner as to my Executer and Executrix hereafter named shall seem meet and my worldly goods as it hath pleased God to bless me with I give and bequeath in manner following
    - Item I give and bequeath to my Sons RICHARD DUCKETT THOMAS DUCKETT and BARUCH DUCKETT five shilling current money each
    - Item I give and bequeath to my Son ISAAC DUCKETT to him and his Heirs for ever all my land and Plantation whereon I now live called Spriggs Request and Duckett Adition provided he pays to my Son JACOB DUCKETT four hundred pounds current Money in some reasonable time after my decease
    - I also give to my Son ISAAC DUCKETT two hundred pounds currant Money & one Negroe Girl called Rachel one feather Bed & furniture two Cows & Calves five head of Sheep one young Horse or Mair two pewter Basons two Dishes and one Dozen Plates and
    - after my just Debts and Legacies are paid all the remainder of my Estate wheresoever or whatsoever to be found I leave it to be equally divided amongst my Children and Grand Children hereafter named Vizt. JACOB DUCKETT ISAAC DUCKETT, RICHARD JACOB DUCKETT, MARTHA HALL, ANNE HALL, RACHEL WILLIAMS, ELEANOR LYLES, and my Grand Children by my Daughter Charity Boyd, my Grand Children to have a Child part Divided Amonge them share and share alike first Deducting Twenty pounds Sterling out of their part for a Bond due me by their Father THOMAS BOYD
    - and of this my last Will and Testament I Constitute appoint and Ordain my Son ISAAC DUCKETT & my well beloved wife ELIZABETH DUCKETT my whole & sole Executor & Executrix In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seal the Day and year above written Signed Sealed published & Declared by the above name
    Richd. Duckett (Seal)

    Richard Duckett as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence
    of each other have hereunto Subscribed our names
    John Duvall, Robert Wheeler, Zachariah McCalley

    On the back of which was then written
    Prince Georges County to wit, September 29th 1788. Came John Duvall and Robert Wheeler two of the Subscribing Witnesses to the with in last Will and Testament of Richard Duckett late of said County deceased and severally made Oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that they did see the Testator Richard Duckett sign and seal this Will and heard him publish pronounce and declare the same to be his last will and testament that at the time of his so doing he was to be the best of heir Apprehension of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding and that they together with Zachariah Mackally the third Witness respectively Subscribed their names as Witnesses to this will in the presence and Sworn before & Certified by Saml. Tyler Regr. Wills.

    Prince George's County, Maryland
    Wills, Liber T Number 1, f. 266.