Person:Richard Bradford (3)

Facts and Events
Name Richard BRADFORD
Gender Male
Marriage to Frances TAYLOR

All of the information below is from the book, The Bradfords ofCharles City County, Virginia and Some of Their Descendants,1663-1993, by David Thomas Bradford.

Mr. Bradford was unable to ascertain who Richard?s parents were,when or where in England he was born, or exactly when he arrivedin America. He assumes that Richard was between 14 and 35 yearsold (probably between 16 and 27) when he arrived in Americabetween 1651 and 1653. He estimated that Richard was born about1633 and that he was about twenty when he came to Virginia.

Mr. Bradford could not determine if Richard?s political sympathywas with the English royalty or with the Cromwellians. Hesurmises that Richard may have spent about three years as anindentured servant -- either as a farm worker or a carpenter --to pay for his passage to America.

Charles City County documents dated in 1655 and 1656 showRichard paying sizable debts ?in full.? The latter was paid with1,656 pounds of tobacco, which represented a full year?sproduction of a man acting on his own. In 1657 Richard acquireda half interest in a 1,200-acre plantation, and in 1662 heacquired the rest of the plantation; this made him one of thelargest landowners in the Virginia Colony. Mr. Bradford believesthat the fine manor house on Belle Air Plantation in CharlesCity County, which is still standing, was built by Richard.

By 1661 Richard was married. A court record dated August 3,1661, mentions medical treatment for his wife. It is not knownif Frances Taylor was Richard?s first wife; she was the motherof Ralph, but an earlier wife may have been the mother ofRichard II and John.

A 1710 petition signed by both Richard I and Richard II ispresented to prove that Richard I was alive at that time. Acited source suggests that Richard I may have died in 1716. Nowill is mentioned for Richard I, but his entire estate waseventually inherited by his eldest son, Richard II.

Virginia Historical Genealogies, John B. Boddie: p 152 and forward - for Richard & descendants of son John; p 152 - Richard Sr. & Jr. witnessed a deed on July 14, 1716.

Cavaliers and Pioneers, Nugent, Volume II, page 101: Patent Book6, p. 386: RICHARD BRADFORD, 1197 acs., Chas. Citty Co., bounded on 2 sideswith the Old Tree Run & the Fishing Run; 27 Nov 1671. Due sd.Radford by 2 conveyances fromHoel Prise (Howell Pryse) & ofrecord in sd. Co. Court. He was still there 20 Nov 1682, Patent Book 7, p. 203.

Charles City County Rent Roll - 1704, Bradford, Richd - 1397 acres

Virginia Colonial Soldiers, Bockstruck: Richard, an officer in Charles City Co., VA Militia, wasprobably Richard II.

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