Person:Richard Bradford (2)

Facts and Events
Name Richard BRADFORD
Gender Male
Marriage to Anna ROLES?

LDS Ancestral Files #HZF3-SD & TX show the following for RichardBRADFORD II and his wife Anna (Anne) ROLES -- Richard BRADFORD, born 1660, married 28 June 1685, died 1725,Westover Parish, C, VA Anna (Anne) ROLES, born 1665, died 1726, Westover Parish, C, VA [I guess that "C" is Charles City County.] [See notes for Anne regarding possible surnames.]

THE BRADFORDS OF CHARLES CITY CO., VA, David T. Bradford: p 49 - Richard II lived his entire life on the Charles Cityplantation of his birth. pp 53-64 - Describes the political activity of Richard I and II.They both served as justice of the peace and sheriff over a longperiond of time, and were active participants in governmentalactivities. p 68 - Richard II was a Captain of the Charles City/Henrico Co.regiment of militia in 1710. p 64 - Richard II was a major landowner; he added to the 1,197acres in Charles City County that he inherited from his father,and also acquired land in nearby counties. He was described as aplanter. p 72 - Richard II died before June 16, 1724, and Anna beforeJuly 23, 1724 Their son, Richard III, was administrator of both estates. Thereare no recorded wills, but the administrator's reports are on pp41/42 of CHARLES CITY COUNTY WILL AND DEED BOOK, 1725-1731,abstracted by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III.