Person:Ptolemy VI Philometor (1)

Ptolemy VI Philometor _____
b.Abt 186 BC
d.145 BC
  1. Ptolemy VI Philometor _____Abt 186 BC - 145 BC
  2. Cleopatra II of EgyptAbt 185 BC - 116 BC
  3. Ptolemy VIII Physcon _____Abt 182 BC - 116 BC
  1. Ptolemy Eupator _____
  2. Ptolemy VII Neos Philopator152 BC - 144 BC
  3. Cleopatra III of Egypt161 BC - 101 BC
  4. Cleopatra Thea _____Abt 164 BC - 121 BC
Facts and Events
Name Ptolemy VI Philometor _____
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 186 BC
Marriage to Cleopatra II of Egypt
Death[1] 145 BC
Reference Number? Q39952?

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Ptolemy VI Philometor (Ptolemaĩos Philomḗtōr; 186–145 BC) was a Greek king of Ptolemaic Egypt who reigned from 180 to 164 BC and from 163 to 145 BC.

Ptolemy VI, the eldest son of King Ptolemy V and Queen Cleopatra I, came to the throne aged six when his father died in 180 BC. The kingdom was governed by regents: his mother until her death in 178 or 177 BC and then two of her associates, Eulaeus and Lenaeus, until 169 BC. From 170 BC, his sister-wife Cleopatra II and his younger brother Ptolemy VIII were co-rulers alongside him. Ptolemy VI's reign was characterised by external conflict with the Seleucid Empire over Syria and by internal conflict with his younger brother for control of the Ptolemaic monarchy. In the Sixth Syrian War (170–168 BC), the Ptolemaic forces were utterly defeated and Egypt was twice invaded by Seleucid armies. A few years after the Seleucid conflict ended, Ptolemy VIII succeeded in expelling Ptolemy VI from Egypt in 164 BC.

The people of Alexandria turned against Ptolemy VIII and invited Ptolemy VI back to the throne in 163 BC. In this second reign Ptolemy VI was much more successful in his conflicts against the Seleucids and his brother. He banished his brother to Cyrenaica and repeatedly prevented him from using that as a springboard to taking Cyprus, despite substantial Roman intervention in Ptolemy VIII's favour. By supporting a series of rival claimants for the Seleucid throne, Ptolemy VI helped instigate a civil war in the Seleucid realm, which would continue for generations and eventually consume the Seleucid dynasty. In 145 BC, Ptolemy VI invaded Seleucid Syria and won a total victory at the Battle of the Oenoparus, which left him in charge of both the Seleucid and Ptolemaic realms. However, injuries that he sustained in the battle led to his death three days later. The gains from the war were almost immediately lost and Ptolemy VIII returned to power.

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