Person:Ptolemy III Euergetes (1)

Ptolemy III Euergetes _____
b.246 BC
d.222 BC
  1. Ptolemy III Euergetes _____246 BC - 222 BC
  2. Lysimachus of Egypt
  3. Berenice _____
  • HPtolemy III Euergetes _____246 BC - 222 BC
  • WBerenice II _____Bet 267 BC & 266 BC - 221 BC
  1. Ptolemy IV Philopator - 205 BC
  2. Arsinoe III of EgyptBet 246 BC & 245 BC - 204 BC
Facts and Events
Name Ptolemy III Euergetes _____
Gender Male
Birth[1] 246 BC
Marriage to Berenice II _____
Death[1] 222 BC
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Ptolemy III Euergetes ("Ptolemy the Benefactor"; c. 280 – November/December 222 BC) was the third pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt from 246 to 222 BC. The Ptolemaic Kingdom reached the height of its military and economic power during his kingship, as initiated by his father Ptolemy II Philadelphus.

Ptolemy III was the eldest son of Ptolemy II and Arsinoe I. When Ptolemy III was young, his mother was disgraced and he was removed from the succession. He was restored as heir to the throne in the late 250s BC and succeeded his father as king without issue in 246 BC. On his succession, Ptolemy III married Berenice II, reigning queen of Cyrenaica, thereby bringing her territory into the Ptolemaic realm. In the Third Syrian War (246–241 BC), Ptolemy III invaded the Seleucid empire and won a near total victory, but was forced to abandon the campaign as a result of an uprising in Egypt. In the aftermath of this rebellion, Ptolemy forged a closer bond with the Egyptian priestly elite, which was codified in the Canopus decree of 238 BC and set a trend for Ptolemaic power in Egypt for the rest of the dynasty. In the Aegean, Ptolemy III suffered a major setback when his fleet was defeated by the Antigonids at the Battle of Andros around 246 BC, but he continued to offer financial support to their opponents in mainland Greece for the rest of his reign. At his death, Ptolemy III was succeeded by his eldest son, Ptolemy IV.

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