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Pierre Dugger
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Name Pierre Dugger
Gender Male

Pierre Dugger, like his kinsmen Julius Caesar Dugger and Grancer Dugger, seems to be the stuff of legend, or rather, mythology.

This handwritten document was sent to me many years ago by my cousin Helen C. Davis. I don't know the original source for it. I have transcribed it. --Martygrant 01:04, 2 September 2007 (EDT)

Pierre Dugger came to America with Gen. Lafayette - under whose command he served until the close of the war.
He attained the rank of Colonel and at the close of the war settled in Virginia - where he married a lady by the name of Tucker. He had three sons, one of these - John settled in Sumner Co., Tenn.
Col. Pierre Dugger was killed in a duel. He took exception to a remark made by a then prominent lawyer of Virginia, concerning a lady who was visiting at his home.
A challenge was sent and accepted - which resulted in his death.

Comments: A very interesting story. However, John Dugger of Sumner Co., TN is a proven son of Lydia Dugger, and he was born out of wedlock, which is also proven. Perhaps this story was invented to cover up his illegitimate birth. It certainly makes the claim that this branch of Duggers was of French origin.

Mary Hunter Austin wrote an autobiography "Earth Horizons" many years ago (date unknown to me at this time). She is a descendant of Leonard Dugger through his son Jarrott Dugger, and in her book she referred to Pierre Dugger as the ancestor of the Illinois Duggers. This information was probably based on family tradition or perhaps on tall tales, for it certainly isn't correct. The story goes back to at least 1935.