Person:Phineas Steward (3)

Phineas Steward
  1. Benjamin Steward1727/28 - 1815
  2. Solomon Steward1729/30 - Bef 1804
  3. Phineas Steward1732 -
  4. Daniel Steward1734 - 1802
  5. William Steward1736 -
  6. James Steward1739 -
  7. Mary Steward1740 -
  8. Jacob Steward1743 -
m. 22 Apr 1756
  1. Samuel Bird Steward1757 - 1823
  2. Anne Steward1758 -
  3. Phineas Steward1760 - 1853
  4. Abraham Steward1762 -
  5. Thomas Steward1766 -
  6. Martha Steward1772 -
Facts and Events
Name Phineas Steward
Gender Male
Birth[3] 27 Mar 1732 Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation[4] 1754-1755 Fort Halifax, Winslow, Kennebec, Maine, United StatesEmployed as carpenter to help build Fort Halifax
Military[4] 1756 Crown Point, Essex, New York, United StatesSoldier in the Crown Point Expedition in 1756 during the French and Indian War.
Marriage 22 Apr 1756 Lunenburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, United Statesto Anne Ireland
Residence[1] 1764 Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesPioneer settler of Fitchburg
Residence[4] 1776 Howardstown, Somerset, Maine, United States
Census[2] 1790 Canaan, Somerset, Maine, United StatesHousehold included 2 males 16 years or older and 3 females
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    STEWART, Phinias, s. Solomon and Martha, Mar. 27, 1732.

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    The workmen employed in building the fort were Gershom Flagg, of Boston, who acted as foreman. He was a housewright and glazier, and was employed on Fort Richmond on the Kennebec, and Fort Pownall on the Penobscot. He was a member of the Plymouth Company, and was the ancestor of the Flaggs, Bridges, Norths, and Fullers of Augusta; James Cocks, who was a captain in the Revolutionary army. He married a sister of Gershom Flagg and settled in Hallowell in 1762, where he became prominent in town affairs; Phineas Stewart, the great grandfather of the writer of this sketch, who was born in Rowley, Massachusetts in 1732, and was a soldier in the Crown Point Expedition in 1756. He removed to Howardstown which is now a part of Skowhegan Maine in 1776; Stephen Gulliver, who settled in the vicinity of Waterville; Henry Hascoll, Thomas Clemons, Benjamin Easty, Jonathan Gibbs, Ralph Hemmingway, Edmund Savage, Nathaniel Sullivan and Uriah Tucker as carpenters; John Edwards, William Parks and Robert Williams as masons; Abram Wyman as teamster and Jonathan Howland as cook.