Person:Phineas Forbush (1)

m. 2 Jan 1705/06
  1. Mary Forbush1706 -
  2. Dinah Forbush1708 -
  3. Jonathan Forbush1709 - Bef 1715
  4. Daniel Forbush1710 -
  5. Thankful Forbush1712 -
  6. Jonathan Forbush1714/15 -
  7. Abigail Forbush1717/18 -
  8. Patience Forbush1719/20 -
  9. Phineas Forbush1721 - Abt 1747
  10. Hannah Forbush1724 - Bef 1729
  11. Rev. Eli Forbush1726 - 1804
  12. Hannah Forbush1729 - 1796
m. 5 Jan 1742/43
  1. Submit Forbush1746 - 1827
Facts and Events
Name Phineas Forbush
Gender Male
Birth[1] 4 May 1721 Sutton, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 5 Jan 1742/43 Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United Statesto Sarah Bellows
Death[3] Abt 17 Jul 1747 Quebec City, Québec, Québec, Canada
  1. Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Marlborough, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Worcester, Massachusetts: Franklin P. Rice, 1908)

    Forbush [Forbess, CR], Phinias, s. Jonathan and Hanah, May 4, 1721. In Sutton.

  2.   Pierce, Frederick Clifton. Forbes and Forbush genealogy: the descendants of Daniel Forbush, who came from Scotland about the year 1655, and settled in Marlborough, Mass., in 1675. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1967)
    pp. 31-32.

    Pheinhas Forbush, s/o Jonathan, b. 4 Mar 1721, m. Westborough 5 Jan 1743 Sarah Bellows.
    [On p. 31, Pierce says "From a private diary ... it is learned that Phinehas Forbush, of Westborough, Mass., died at Fort Massachusetts July 16, 1746". However, the accompanying narrative is very confusing. Pierce mentions a will dated 24 Oct 1747, which is obviously impossible. The will "mentions his wife Sarah as administrator", the term administrator indicating there was no will. So one suspects this might have been some sort of division or settlement of the estate, or more remotely a nuncupative (verbal) will relayed by a survivor. Pierce further confuses things by giving the birth date of second daughter Lucy in 1748, which turns out to be a typo, her birth being recorded in 1743 in the Westborough VRs. He also mentions the year 1756 in his narrative, which is also probably a typo for 1746, but all these errors leave the chronology of events completely unclear to the reader. To top it all off, it appears Pierce got the year of the diary entry wrong (individual entries do not give the year, it must be measured from the first entry). Referring to the Calder transcription cited below, the diary starts on p. 3, dated 19 Dec 1745. On p. 11 is an entry for Wed 16 Jul 1746, p. 12 is Thu 17 Jul 1746. On p. 27, the writer (who was not himself at Fort Massachusetts) arrives in Quebec on Thu 25 Sep 1746. Here the entries become nearly daily and longer. So, on p. 79, where Phineas is mentioned, the entry should be 1747. A check of the named days of the weeks seems to agree with this assessment, as 17 Jul 1747 was a Friday, whereas 17 Jul 1746 would have been a Thursday. Since Pierce's date, 16 Jul 1746, is actually before the wikipedia:Siege of Fort Massachusetts, it would imply Phineas died of disease at the fort, instead of in captivity, which is qualitatively wrong.]

  3. Calder, Isabel M. Colonial Captivities, Marches and Journeys. (New York: Macmillan Co., 1935)

    [Diary of unidentified soldier captured during French & Indian War, now in Library of Congress]
    "Fri., 17th July. ... This Day died Phenias Forbush lat[e] of the Massachusets Fort."
    [A footnote adds that Norton records the death of Phinehas Forbush as 16 July, while Pote records it as 17 July.]