Person:Perry Benson (1)

  • HPerry P Benson1800 - 1865
  • W.  Nancy Searcy (add)
m. 21 Dec 1839
  1. John Henry Clay Benson1844 - 1919
Facts and Events
Name Perry P Benson
Gender Male
Birth[1] 30 Mar 1800 Bakersville, Mitchell, North Carolina, United States
Marriage 21 Dec 1839 Wilson, Tennessee, United Statesto Nancy Searcy (add)
Death[1] 19 Dec 1865 Silver Springs, Wilson, Tennessee, United States

Grandfather Benson's family were attacked by Indians as they were going through the Cumberland Gap. Young Benson was nine years old. His entire family and the party they were part of were killed and scalped. Benson was scalped and left for dead. He was rescued by another party coming through the Gap. He was taken by them to Nashville as part of the original settlement of that town. When he became an adult he was given a section ? of land equal to that of the other settlers. Grannie Kenton nee Benson often told Amelia that Grandfather Benson had "... jowls that hung down just like an ole hound dog."

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