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Patrick Hays, Of Looney's Mill Creek
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Name Patrick Hays, Of Looney's Mill Creek
Gender Male


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Person:Patrick Hays (1)
Records for Patrick Hays in Chalkley's Chronicles


This article is for the Patrick Hays who settled on Looney's Mill Creek in modern Botetourt County, Va, by 1743. He is probably the same person as Patrick (1), the oath taker.


From: Chalkley's Chronicles 3:369

  • Page 277.--6th May, 1761. Charles Milliken (Mellegan, Millegan), of Orange County, North Carolina, to John Buchanan, gent., power of attorney to convey 297 acres patented to Patrick Hays, 30th June, 1743, and since conveyed to Charles by said Hay. Teste: Jno. Smith, David Robinson, David Luney, John Luney.
From: Patent LVA Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.
Hays, Patrick. grantee.
Land grant 30 June 1743.
Location: Orange County.
Description: 297 acres on the branches of James River on the west side the Blue Ridge beginning on the east side of Luneys Mill Creek.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 21, 1742-1743 (v.1 & 2 p.1-674), p. 282 (Reel 19).