Person:Nicholas Callahan (2)

Nicholas Callahan
m. 17 February 1718
  1. David Callihan1724 - 1793
  2. Nicholas Callahan1728 - 1797
  3. John Calliham1732 - 1804
  4. Henry Weaver Callihan1740 -
Facts and Events
Name Nicholas Callahan
Alt Name Nicholas Callaham
Alt Name Nicholas Callihan
Alt Name Nicholas Callingham
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1696/99 Isle of Wight County, Virginia
Marriage 17 February 1718 Lunenburg County, Virginiato Joyce Weaver
Death[1] 1764 Lunenburg County, Virginia

Records in Virginia

From Lunenburg County Road Orders, 1746-1764:

  • 2 June 1752 N. S., Page 60 - Ordered that a Road be laid off and Cleard the best and most Convenient Way from William Saffolds by Freemans Mill on Flat Rock Creek to Kettlestick Creek, And William Saffold is appointed Surveyor thereof from his house to Freemans Mill, and Nicholos Callaham from thence to Kettlestick, And it is Ordered that they together with all the Male Labouring Tithable Persons Convenient thereto forthwith Clear and keep the same in Repair According to Law.
  • 2 September 1760, Page 170 - On the Petition of Sundry of the Inhabitants of this County for a road to be Laid off and Cleared the best and mosts Convenient way from flat Rock Creek to Brunswick line by Mason Bishops And it is ordered that John Callingham be overseer of the said Road, and it is further ordered that he together with the following assistance, to wit, Samuel Rudd, David Callinghame, James Denton Thomas Hill, Arthanatious Elmore, William Pearson, Richard Wyatt, Robert Garrett, John Green, Nicholas Callingham, Humphrey Garrett, James Garrett, William Barker, William Baily, Thomas Trammell, John Parish, Joseph Taylor, Epharim Atkinson, Burrell Atkinson, Mathew Lafoone, and James Dukes, do forthwith lay open Clear and keep the same in Repair according to Law.
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