Person:Nathaniel Chauncy (2)

m. 17 Mar 1630
  1. Sarah Chauncy1631 - 1699
  2. Rev. Isaac Chauncy1632 - 1712
  3. Dr. Ichabod ChauncyEst 1635 - 1691
  4. Barnabas ChauncyEst 1637 - Aft 1674
  5. Dr. Elnathan ChauncyEst 1639 - Bef 1684
  6. Rev. Nathaniel ChauncyEst 1639 - 1685
  7. Hannah ChauncyEst 1643 -
  8. Rev. Israel ChauncyCal 1644 - 1702/03
  • HRev. Nathaniel ChauncyEst 1639 - 1685
  • WAbigail StrongEst 1645 - 1704
m. 12 Nov 1673
  1. Katharine Chauncey1675/76 - 1754
  2. Abigail Chauncey1677 -
  3. Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy1681 - 1756
  4. Sarah Chauncey1683 - 1767
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1639 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesTwin to Elnathan.
Degree[1] 1661 A.B. Harvard College.
Degree[1] 1664 A.M. Harvard College.
Occupation[1] Bet 1667 and 1679 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesMinister at Windsor.
Occupation[1] Bet 1669 and 1673 Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United StatesMinister at Hatfield.
Marriage 12 Nov 1673 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United Statesto Abigail Strong
Death[1] 4 Nov 1685 Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
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    "Nathaniel Chauncy, the fourth son of President Chauncy, was born in or about the year 1639, at Plymouth, Massachusetts, but was baptized at Scituate, 1641. He was twin-brother of Elnathan. 'We believe it is the baptism of these children, to which Winthrop alludes.'—Deane's History of Scituate, p. 178.

    He took his first degree at Harvard College, A. D. 1661, with his twin-brother Elnathan, and his youngest brother Israel. There is a tradition that he was a distinguished scholar. He took the degree of A. M. in 1664, … He was afterwards a Fellow of the College.

    Having preached as a candidate at Windsor, on the 14th of October, 1687 [1667], eighty-six members voted in favor of Mr. Chauncy, and fifty-two against his settlement. He was the immediate successor of Messrs. Warham and Huit, the first pastors of the church. He was settled in the ministry before the death of Mr. Warham.

    He found the church in a divided state, so that while in Windsor he was constantly engaged in controversy. Being a man of great readiness of mind, when a sermon was preached in the pulpit in the forenoon containing doctrines to which he was opposed, he would, in the afternoon, preach to the same audience from the same text, a regular logical sermon in confutation of those doctrines. He continued in the ministry at Windsor about twelve years. On the 10th of Nov., 1679, he was invited by the town of Hatfield, Massachusetts, to preach as a candidate 'a year or less; as the town and he shall agree, in order to settlement.' On the 21st of January, 1680, the town gave him an invitation to settle in the ministry, there being only one vote in the opposition. Mr. Chauncy died at Hatfield, Nov. 4, 1685, having preached there about five years. On the 7th of December, 1685, the town voted to defray the expenses of his funeral. The grave-stone of Mr. Chauncy has been sought without success in the grave-yard at Hatfield."

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    "Nathaniel (Chauncy), Hatfield, tw. br. of Elnathan, was of Windsor 1667, when very diverse affections disturb. the declin. yrs. of the first min. Wareham by means of ris. admira. of Rev. John Woodbridge; of wh. eno. is to be seen in the Col. Rec. of Trumbull, II. 85, 113. In happier lot, he m. 12 Nov. 1673, Abigail, d. of Elder John Strong, had Isaac, b. 6 Sept. 1674; Catharine, 12 Jan. 1676; Abigail, 14 Oct. 1677; Charles, 3 Sept. 1679, d. in few wks.; rem. 1681, to H. there had Nathaniel, b. 21 Sept. 1681, Y. C. 1702, first min. at Durham; Ann; and Sarah, 1683; and he d. 4 Nov. 1685. His wid. m. 8 Sept. foll. Medad Pomeroy.

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