Person:Nathaniel Boone (1)

m. 23 Sep 1720
  1. Sarah Boone1724 - 1815
  2. Israel Boone1726 - 1756
  3. Samuel Boone1728 - abt 1816
  4. Jonathan Boone1730 - 1808
  5. Elizabeth Boone1733/34 - 1814
  6. Daniel Boone1734 - 1820
  7. Mary Boone1736 - 1819
  8. George Boone1739 - 1820
  9. Edward "Ned" Boone1740 - 1780
  10. Nathaniel Booneabt 1742 -
  11. Squire Boone, Jr.1744 - 1815
  12. Hannah Boone1746 - 1828
Facts and Events
Name Nathaniel Boone
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt 1742 Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Death[1] in infancy Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
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    (10) Nathaniel Boone, b. abt. 1742 (died an infant) This may be new information for some, therefore, an extensive documentation follows. The Boone Society gratefully acknowledges the research of Society member Kathryn Weiss for documenting Nathaniel Boone as a child of Squire & Sarah Morgan Boone. Here is documented her findings:

    “Two independent, yet strikingly similar accounts of the children of Squire Boone, Sr. and Sarah Morgan were made in: Samuel Bryan’s 1830 History of the Bryans attached to his Revolutionary War pension; and Captain Samuel Boone’s 1855 letter to frontier historian Lyman Draper. Both Samuel Bryan and Samuel Boone were grandsons of Squire and Sarah M. Boone, and the two men (who were first cousins) were naming their Boone aunts and uncles for posterity. Both Samuel Boone and Samuel Bryan named a twelfth child, Nathaniel, for their grandparents Squire Boone, Sr. and Sarah Morgan.

    Samuel Bryan wrote in his brief History of the Bryans in 1830, “William, my father comeing to the age of 22 years married Mary Boone daughter of Squire Boone the 1, and sister of Colo. Daniel Boone the explorer and settler of Kentucky. Squire Boone who was from the west of England to Pennsylvania where he maried Sarah Morgan, of welch extraction by whom he had twelve children, Eight Sons, and four daughters, which were named Sarah, Israel, Samuel, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Daniel, Mary*, George, Nathaniel, Edward, Squire, and Hannah; with his wife and these children he remov,d from Pensylvania to Rowan County in North Carolina…” (NARA:W9366)

    “Captain Samuel Boone, (1782-1869) was a son of George Boone and Ann Linville. Samuel Boone wrote to Lyman Draper, Sept. 10, 1855: “Some time in the year 1717, George Boone Grandfather of the late Col. Daniel Boone came from england and Brought with him I think seven sons and settled all or the most of them in the state of pensylvania. Squire Boone one of the seven sons married Sarah Morgan and settled in Bucks County where they raised the following number of Children to wit: eight sons and four Daughters first Israel; second Samuel; third Jonathan; fourth Daniel; fifth George; sixth Nathaniel who died when young; seventh Squire; eighth Edward. Daughters: first Sarah who married a Willcox; second Elizibeth married William Grant; third Mary Bryan; fourth Hannah who married John Stewart.” (WHS: DM22C67).