Person:Nathan White (4)

Nathan White
d.25 Jul 1837
m. 14 Jan 1779
  1. Sally White1779 - 1817
  2. Eunice White1782 - 1843
  3. Peter White1784 - 1814
  4. Nancy White1786 - 1842
  5. Benjamin White1788 -
  6. Lois White1790 - 1814
  7. Chloe White1792 - 1863
  8. Luther White1794 - 1872
  9. Nathan White1797 - 1837
  10. Bezaleel White1799 - 1874
  11. Leonard White1805 - 1880
  • HNathan White1797 - 1837
  • W.  Elizabeth Read (add)
m. 31 Oct 1822
Facts and Events
Name Nathan White
Gender Male
Birth[1] 11 Jan 1797 Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 31 Oct 1822 Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts, United Statesto Elizabeth Read (add)
Death[2] 25 Jul 1837
  1. Rice, Franklin P. Worcester Births, Marriages, and Deaths. (Worcester, Massachusetts: Worcester Society of Antiquity, 1894)
    p. 276.

    WHITE, Nathan, s. of Nathan and Eunice, [born] Jan. 11, 1797

  2. Chapin, Gilbert Warren. The Chapin Book of Genealogical Data: With Brief Biographical Sketches Of the Descendants of Deacon Samuel Chapin. (Hartford, Conn.: Chapin Family Association (Hartford, Conneccticut), 1924)
    p. 661.

    Nathan White, s/o Nathan White and Eunice Chapin, b. --, d. 25 Jul 1837, m. Elizabeth Read of Uxbridge.
    [Note: in attempting to justify the data on this page (only parents and a death date given, no birth specified, and unnamed spouse with no specific marriage date), a search of Google books yields only this source, snippet view giving the death date and name of spouse. No record of the death may be found in vital records. It cannot be determined from the snippet if this source may add more information in non-visible text. Ironically, the dates that can be found in vital records (birth of Nathan, apparent marriage record) have been left blank in the viewable snippet. Thus, this is cited without much confidence... But as there are other Nathan White's of similar age and location, something was needed to distinguish who this was apparently intended to be.]