Person:Michael Robinson (11)

Michael Robinson, Jr.
m. 30 December 1742
  1. Elizabeth Robinson1745 - Abt 1823
  2. Henry Robinson1747 - 1770
  3. Mary Robinson1750 - abt 1800
  4. William Robinson1750 -
  5. Michael Robinson, Jr.1753 - 1800
  6. John Robinson1755 -
  7. Thomas Robinson1760 -
  8. Benjamin Robinson1762 - bef 1791
  9. Betty Robinson1764 -
  10. James Robinson1770 -
m. 29 March 1773
  1. James Robinsonbef 1775 - bef 1817
  2. John Robinsonbef 1777 -
  3. Mary Robinsonabt 1779 - bef 1817
  4. Capt. Michael Robinson, III1786 - 1847
  5. Benjamin Robinson1788 -
  6. Thomas Robinsonabt 1791 - 1848
  7. George Robinsonabt 1793 - 1835
  8. Lucy Robinson1799 - 1819
Facts and Events
Name Michael Robinson, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 18 June 1753 Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Marriage 29 March 1773 Fauquier County, Virginiato Mary 'Molly' James
Death[1] 10 March 1800 Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Records in Virginia

Novr. 30, 1778. Charles Bruce of Orange Co., Executor of the last will and testament of Thos. James, late of Fauqueir Co., deed.[dec'd?], of first part; Michael Robinson, Jr.., and Molly, his wife, of Spts. Co., of second part; Richard Price of Orange Co. and Agatha, his wife, of third part; John Wiglesworth of Spts. Co., of fourth part. Whereas, Thos. James, in his lifetime promised the sd. Michael Robinson, the sum of £250, as portion with sd. Molly, as daughter of sd. James; and also having promised sd. Richd. Price the like sum as portion with the sd. Agatha, another daughter of the sd. James, and in order to provide for the payment thereof the sd. James, by his last will and testament, dated April 9, 1772, directed the sale of those lots in town of Fredksbg., commonly called the Long Ordinary by his Executors, and the respective sums pd. the sd. daughters Molly and Ag*atha, out of the sale thereof; and whereas, a communication being afterwards had between the sd. Michael Robinson, Richd. Price, and Thomas James, concerning the portions of their wives, it was mutually agreed that the sd. Robinson and Price should accept the sd. Lots and Houses in lieu of the sd. portions, in pursuance of the sd. agreement, in the year 1775, intending to confirm that agreement, had a deed drawn for conveying the sd. lots, etc., to the sd. parties, but as some difference had arisen between the sd. James and Michael Robinson, the Elder (father to the sd. Michael), respecting the fortune promised by him to his sd. son on the marriage afsd., the sd. James, in order to force the Robinson, the Elder, to comply with his promise, undertook to convey the afsd. lands to Richard Price, in trust, as to one moiety, to be held for the benefit of the wife of the sd. Michael, jr., until the sd. Michael, Senr., should comply with his promise, with the understanding that the one retaining the sd. property should pay the other party £250; and whereas, the sd. James died, and by his will, proved in Fauqueir Co., Feby. 26, 1776, appointed Chas. Bruce, Thos. Hord, Gerrard Banks, and John James, Executors, the sd. Charles Bruce alone accepting the Executorship, etc., the sd. Michael Robinson, the Elder, having complied with his agreement aforementioned, etc., the sd. Robinson, Jr., and Price, being intitled to the sd. lots, etc., agree for the sale thereof to the sd. John Wiglesworth for the sum of £550 curr., and hereby convey the same, etc. Witnesses, John Steward, Michael Robinson, Stapleton Crutchfield, James Hackley, Richard Young, John Hawkins. July 15, 1779.
June 6, 1791. Thomas James and Betty, his wife, of Fauqueir Co. to Michael Robinson of Spots. Co. £269 2s. curr. 207 a. left by Michael Robinson, Senr., to his daughter, the sd. Betty James, in Spots. Co., etc., etc. Jessee Haydon, Guy Bell, Saml. Hilldrup, Wm. Robinson, Thomas Montague. June 7, 1791.
Feby. 8, 1793. Thomas Haydon of Spots. Co. to James Pettigrew of Fredksbg. 5s. 80 a. purchased of Nathan Hawkins, Jr., etc., in Spots. Co., in trust to secure payment of a debt, etc., etc. Witnesses, Jno. Frazer, John Robinson, Michael Robinson, Thos. Sacrea. March 5, 1793.
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