Person:Matthew Armstrong (9)

Facts and Events
Name Matthew ARMSTRONG
Gender Male

From “Earliest Armstrong Ancestors” by Kathy Alvis Patterson: Livonia Twp Armstrongs History of Livingston Co NY, Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. 1881, p 364, has this about the family of Matthew Armstrong, residing there from 1805 through at least 1850: “Matthew Armstrong [nd others] were also early settlers and men of no inconsiderable prominence. Matthew Armstrong, with his sons John and William, and his daughter Margaret, came to Livonia in 1805 from Lycoming county, Penn., and settled on the farm now owned by John Armstrong. Matthew Armstrong was one of the first assessors of the town. He died in 1829. John, when a lad of four or five years playing before his cabin door, was severly bitten by a mad wolf, and still bears the scars of the wound. The wolf was killed by the pursuing neighbors, but not until it had bitten numerous animals that afterward died from the poisonous effects of its fangs.” also has a gedcom which lists the children of John and Susanna Armstrong, with the claim that John was born in Bucks Co PA. These are, however, probably the children of Matthew. Children 1. Thomas ARMSTRONG b: in Livonia, Livingston Co NY [census = b 1822] 2. John ARMSTRONG b: 1801 in PA 3. Elizabeth ARMSTRONG b: ABT. 1812 4. Matthew ARMSTRONG b: 28 SEP 1812 in NY 5. Maria ARMSTRONG b: 1820 6. James ARMSTRONG b: 1822 in Lima, Livingston Co NY

1810 Matthew Armstrong Livonia, Ontario NY 20010/20010 1820 Matthew Armstrong Livonia, Ontario NY 301201/32010 There was also a Hamilton Armstrong in the township that year, but he appears on no other censuses; he was possibly Milton Armstrong, later of Reading and Starkey NY. Son William is not listed in any census, although there are adult males in all years through 1840. 1830 John Armstrong Livonia, Livingston Co NY 01022/0012201 [Matthew had died.] 1840 Anna Armstrong Livonia, Livingston Co NY 0001/0000201 image 30 1840 Susannah Armstrong Livonia, Livingston Co NY 00002/000020001 image 28 1840 John Armstrong Livonia, Livingston Co NY 100011/20001 image 20 1850, Livingston Co NY, Livonia Twp: Susanna Armstrong, 71 PA living in home of Thomas, w/several children and grandchildren; son John was three houses away.

Of Lycoming Co PA; to Livonia Twp, Livingston Co NY ca 1805.