Person:Mary Jones (57)

  1. Mary Jones1660-1668 -
m. 6 July 1685
  1. Mary Farrar1663 - 1737
  2. Major Joshua Wynne1690 - after 1738
  3. Captain Peter Wynne1694 - 1736
  4. Margaret Wynne1696 - 1723
  5. Col. William Wynne1699-1705 - 1778
  6. Francis Wynne1700 - 1774
  7. Frances Wynne1704 - 1746
  8. Robert Wynne1705 -
m. after 1735
Facts and Events
Name Mary Jones
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1660-1668 Charles City, Charles City, Virginia, United States
Marriage 6 July 1685 Charles City, Virginia, United Statesto Major Joshua Wynne
Marriage after 1735 to Colonel William Randolph

This page is for the Mary Jones who married Joshua Wynn c 1682. Data is being verified, sources added where possible, and unrelated materials are being jettisoned.

  1. Ancestry data as of 16 July 2009 includes 60 entries for Mary Jones and Joshua Wynne. Mary's given name is typically given as "Mary", but there are outliers using "Mary margaret" and "Mary Francis". Mary's DOB is typically given as within the range of 1660 to 1668. There is an outlier at 1692 which may represent a different couple by the same name, but is probably simply an error. Mary's POB is consistently given as Charles City County, Va. The Isle of Wight location originally given here is not present in the Ancestry data. Additional work is needed to develop sources, and to verify and validate all vita data.