Person:Mary Dennan (1)

Mary Dennan
b.Abt 1795 Ireland
  1. John ReidAbt 1821 - 1887
  2. Maria ReidAbt 1822 -
  3. William Reid1823 -
  4. Ellen Reid1825 -
  5. Martha Reid1827 -
  6. Catherine Reid1828 -
  7. Joseph Reid1830 -
  8. Bridget Reid1832 -
  9. Michael Reid1833 - 1918
  10. Theresa Reid1835 - 1913
  11. Ann Reid1837 -
  12. Agnes Reid1839 - 1901
  13. Patrick Reid1842 -
Facts and Events
Name Mary Dennan
Gender Female
Birth[1] Abt 1795 Ireland
Census[1] 1 Jun 1855 New York, New York, United States
Census[2] 1 Jun 1870 New York, New York, United States
Death[3] 28 Jun 1884 New York, New York, United States210 East 62nd Street

Mary Dennan consistently claimed to have been born around 1795 in Ireland. Her first confirmed sighting is not until 1823, by which time she was married to a mason named Michael Reid. Between 1823 and 1842 she and Michael had eleven children baptised at Monasterevin, County Kildare. It also appears they had at least two more children prior to this who may well also have been baptised at Monasterevin, but the Catholic parish registers there only began in 1819 and the first couple of years of the register are badly faded to the point of illegibility.

Mary's husband Michael apparently worked on Monasterevin's Catholic Church of St Peter and St Paul, which was built in the late 1840s. In the early 1850s Mary's sons Joseph and Michael and her daughter Theresa emigrated to New York. Around 1854 Mary and her children Maria, Ann, Agnes and Patrick joined them. At least two of Mary's children stayed behind in Ireland - her son John and daughter Ellen were each married with children of their own by this point and stayed in Ireland.

In New York, the 1855 census finds Mary and her seven children who had emigrated living together in the city. Mary was described as a widow. No evidence has been found to suggest that Mary's husband came with the family, suggesting he had probably died back in Ireland. (Deaths were not registered in Ireland until 1864, and the Monasterevin parish did not maintain a burial register at that time.)

Mary died on 28th June 1884 at her son Michael's house, 210 East 62nd Street in New York. She was said to have been 90 years old when she died, and was also said to have lived in New York for 31 years.

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    Mary Reid, 60 [1794/5], female, b. Ireland, widow, 1 year resident in city, cannot read or write
    Jos[eph] Reid, 23 [1831/2], male, child, b. Ireland, 5 years resident in city, Mason
    Maria Reid, 32 [1822/3], female, child, b. Ireland, 1 year resident in city
    Mich[ae]l Reid, 20 [1834/5], male, child, b. Ireland, 2 years in city, Mason
    Therasa Reid, 19 [1835/6], female, child, b. Ireland, 4 years resident in city, Cloak Maker
    Ann Reid, 17 [1837/8], female, child, b. Ireland, 1 year resident in city, Cloak Maker
    Agness Reid, 14 [1840/1], female, child, b. Ireland, 1 year resident in city
    Pat[ric]k Reid, 13 [1841/2], male, child, b. Ireland, 1 year resident in city

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    Anna Gahan, 32 [1837/8], female, H[ouse] K[eeping] widow, b. Ireland
    Elizabeth Gahan, 4 [1865/6], female, b. N.Y.
    Mary Reed, 75 [1794/5], female, b. Ireland
    Therassa Reed, 34 [1835/6], female, Sewing machine operator, b. Ireland
    Agnes Reed, 28 [1841/2], female, Milliner, b. Ireland
    Emma Fronges, 16 [1853/4], female, Cook, b. Ireland
    Jno. Haman, 32 [1837/8], male, Labourer, b. Ireland
    Geo? Deane, 14 [1855/6], male, b. N.Y.

  3. New York, United States. Death Certificate.

    State of New York
    Certificate of Death, in the City of New York
    1. Full Name of Deceased: Mary Reid
    2. Age 90 years
    3. Widow
    4. Occupation: with relatives
    5. Birthplace: Ireland
    6. How long Resident in this City: 31
    7. Father's Name and Birthplace: Ireland
    8. Mother's Name and Birthplace: Ireland
    Place of Death: 210 E 62d Street, 19 Ward
    11. I Hereby Certify, that I attended deceased from June 26 1884 to June 28 1884 that I last saw her alive on the 28 day of June 1884, that she died on the 28 day of June 1884, about 5 o'clock P.M. and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief the Cause of death was as hereunder written:
    Chief and Determining: Apoplexy
    Consecutive and Contributing: Old age
    Place of Burial: Calvary Cemetery
    Date of Burial: June 30th