Person:Mary Crombee (1)

Mary Crombee
Facts and Events
Name[1] Mary Crombee
Gender Female
Marriage 24 Mar 1731/32 Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusettsto John Sparks

This from Roger Crombie at The Crombie line goes back to 1720 in Londonderry, New Hampshire. I expect to be traveling to Northern Ireland within about 1 year on business and hope to pick up the trail there and then on to Scotland where the family originated.

I have little on Mary Crombie. I have 3 listed in my genealogy none of which are in my direct line, but still are of interest to me. I am listing them from oldest to most recent.

1)Mary Crombie b.?/d.? Daughter of John Crombie and Joan Rankin who imigrated from the North of Ireland in 1720.

2)Mary Crombie b.?/d.? Daughter of John Crombie Jr. who was fought in the revolution and Rebecca Barnett.

3)Mary E. Crombie b.?/d.? Daughter of John Crombie who was born 2-2-1812 & died 1-19-1855 and Eliza Patton.

All three Marys are descended from the John Crombie who imigrated in 1720. I am also descended from him but through his son James, brother of Mary 1 above.

Marriage of Mary Cromme (Crombie) and John Sparcks of Ipswich April 12, 1733. This is from the Vital records of Bradford, New Hampshire which was incorporated into Haverhill.

  1. Gail McLain.