Person:Mary Crancker (1)

Mary Ann Crancker
b.Bef 24 Mar 1816 , , , Kentucky,
  • HReuben Sawyer1809 -
  • WMary Ann CranckerBef 1816 - Bef 1838
m. 15 Dec 1833
Facts and Events
Name Mary Ann Crancker
Gender Female
Birth[1][6] Bef 24 Mar 1816 , , , Kentucky,
Alt Birth[9] Bef 24 Mar 1816 , Palatine, Montgomery County, New York,
Alt Birth[8] , , , Pennsylvania,
Christening[2] 24 Mar 1816 Reformed Dutch Church Of Stone Arabia, Palatine, Montgomery County, New York,
Residence[4][5][10] 15 Dec 1833 , Port Lawrence, Monroe County, Michigan Territory,
Marriage 15 Dec 1833 , , Monroe County, Michigan Territory,to Reuben Sawyer
Death[3][7] Bef 1838 , Perrysburg, Wood County, Ohio,

This Mary Ann Cranker is a VERY likely candidate to have married Reuben Sawyer in 1833 since I have not found any Crankul's in MI or Wood County, Ohio in the 1830s and 1840s. There are several Cranker men in MI and OH during the 1830s-1880s. They are the right ages to be the Crancker children the Dutch church records of the LDS/IGI shows were born in Palatine, Montgomery County, New York. Their parents were Peter Crancker/Cranker and Maria van Natten. In addition to these Crancker/Cranker sons, their sister Mary Ann Crancker is the right age to have been married to Reuben in 1833. The connection between both of these families is reinforced by the fact that Reuben Sawyer sold his house to Peter Crancker, the brother of this candidate. In addition, a John P Crancker married a Hannah Sawyer in 1834.

One brother married a Hannah Sawyer and an uncle married a woman named Salome

  1. LDS. 1880 United States Census and National Index
    shows Ira B's mother b. KY vs Reuben's other children. This may mean that Mary Ann CRANKER was Ira B's mother reather than Rispa Doson.
  2. IGI Record - LDS
    shows date and place of christening and parents: Peter Crancker and Mary; Reformed Dutch Church Of Stone Arabia, Palatine, Montgomery, New York.
  3. JPR. NOTE
    everything says Reuben's oldest, Ira B, was Rispah's son, not Mary Ann's so she must have died at least a year before Ira B was born.
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  6. 1900 and 1880 censuses for Ira B Sawyer, indicate his mother was born in Kentucky and father was born in Vermont so it is doubtful that Mary Ann was his mother.
  7. probably in Perrysburg because Reuben was iving in Perrysburg for the 1840 census and built a house there in the 1830s which he later sold to Peter Cranker.
  8. if Reuben's wife was Mary Ann Cranker it is UNLIKELY she was born anywhere other than near Paatine, NY because Mary Ann's older brothers were christened in Palatine before she was.
  9. probably Mary Ann's christening in which case she probaby was born in NY, not Kentucky or Pennsylvania. Could possiby have been born in PA and moved to NY before christening, but unlikely as several other older, apparent sibing Crankers were christened before her, also in Palatine.
  10. that Mary Ann "Crankul" was from Port Lawrence is yet another indication that her maiden name was Cranker not Crankul. Two of Mary Ann Cranker's brothers, Joseph and John, lived in Port Lawrence in 1840 census, a Joseph Cranker is listed in the 1835 Michigan Territory census, and a John P Cranker bought federal land in Monroe County, Michigan in 1837, probably in the Toledo Strip which became a part of Ohio that same year.

    Port Lawrence was in the Toledo Strip, and was a part of Monroe County, Michigan Territory before the Toledo Strip "War" of 1835. To become a state in 1837, Michigan was required to give up its claim to the Toledo Strip which later became Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio