Person:Martha Love (1)

Martha LOVE
b.1778 VA or KY
m. 1772
  1. Joseph LOVE1775 - 1869
  2. Margaret LOVE1777 - 1822
  3. James B. Love1777 - 1850
  4. Martha LOVE1778 - Abt 1821
  5. Elizabeth LOVE1780 - 1841
  6. Susan LOVE1782 -
  7. Mary Polly LOVE1784 -
  8. William M. LOVE1785 - 1809
  9. John Gilbert Love1788 - 1866
  10. David Bryan LOVE1790 -
  11. Samuel LOVE1792 -
  12. James Marshall LOVE1794 -
m. 1795
  1. Mary WILSON
  2. James WILSON
  3. Sina (Seneca) WILSON1793 - 1881
  4. Joseph Love WILSON1799 - 1854
  5. Ewing WILSONBet 1800 & 1810 - Aft 1858
Facts and Events
Name Martha LOVE
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1778 VA or KY
Marriage 1795 to Joseph WILSON
Death[2] Abt Jan 1821 Wilson County, Tennessee

Wilson Co., TN

JOSEPH WILSON - "MARTHA WILSON, wife of JOSEPH WILSON, aptdjoint guardian of JAMES WILSON for purpose of securing theproperty of JOSEPH WILSON, lunatic. Securities WILLIAM STEELEand PERRY TAYLOR.

[QCR, 1803-1807, September 25, 1805, p. 171]

JOSEPH JOHNSON, WILLIAM STEELE and THOMAS BREVARD aptd to settlewith MARTHA WILSON and JOSEPH LOVE, admrs of JOSEPH WILSON,decd, [QCR, 1816-1819, September 16, 1816, p. 28] JOSEPH JOHNSON, Esqr, aptd guardian of JAMES WILSON, minor heirof JOSEPH WILSON, decd, with security H. L. DOUGLASS. [Ibid.p.29] MARTHA WILSON aptd guardian of EWING WILSON and MARY WILSON,minor heirs of JOSEPH WILSON, decd. Securities JOSEPH JOHNSON ofWilson County and JOSEPH LOVE of Williamson County. [Ibid., p.30] JOSEPH JOHNSON, guardian of JAMES WILSON, and MARTHA WILSON,guardian of EWING WILSON and MARY WILSON, minor heirs of JOSEPHWILSON, decd, to pay said MARTHA $25 for reasonable support ofsaid children. [Ibid., September 17, 1816, p. 36] EWING WILSON aptd guardian of MARY WILSON, daughter of JOSEPHWILSON, decd. Security SIMPSON ORGAN. [822-1824, December 22,1827, p. 367] MARTHA WILSON made her will March 10, 1815, and it was probatedJanuary 27, 1821, [W&I, 1819-1824, p. 98]. She names: daughter,LOVE ORGAN; son, JOSEPH L. WILSON; three youngest children,EWING WILSON, JAMES WILSON, and MARY WILSON; brother, JOSEPHLOVE; executor, brother JOSEPH LOVE; witnesses: JOSEPH LOVE,JR., and JOHN G. LOVE. The will was proved by JOSEPH LOVE, who swore he saw JOHN G.LOVE sign the will, who is without the State. WILLIAM STEELEalso verified the handwriting. [Ibid., November 7, 1820, p. 197] According to Partlow, Deed Books, DB I, p. 152: BENJAMIN WILSONof Stewart County, Tennessee, to SAMUEL GIBSON 20 acres onSugg's Creek where the said GIBSON now lives. January 4, 1819. From same source: Allotment to MARTHA WILSON, widow of JOSEPHWILSON, March 1815, DB E, p. 493. From same source: Allotment to SIMPSON ORGAN his equal dividendof 212 acres which he is entitled by and in right of his wife,one of the legatees of JOSEPH WILSON. SIMPSON ORGAN and SENECAhis wife received Lot No. 1. Other heirs: LOVE WILSON, JAMESWILSON, EWING WILSON, and MARY WILSON. [p. 494] There are many other WILSON entries in the PARTLOW volumes.

JOSEPH LOVE., JR., extr named in will of MARTHA WILSON, decd,qualified with security JOHN W. PEYTON. [QCR, 1819-1822,November 7, 1820, p. 197] He reported an inventory and estatesale, February 5, 1821 [Ibid., p. 243]

from the Deed & Will records of Wilson County, TN:

Father: Joseph Wilson Mother: Martha Love

Siblings: Joseph Love Wilson m. Martha Barton 5 Jul 1825 Wilson Co Sina (Lena,Lina) Wilson m. Simpson Organ 4 Oct 1813 Wilson Co James Wilson Mary Wilson

Wilson Co. TN Joseph and Martha Wilson . Martha Wilson made her will March 10, 1815 and it was probatedJanuary 27, 1821 (Wills & Inventories of Wilson Co. TN p. 98)She names daughter, Love Organ; son, Joseph L. Wilson; threeyoungest children, EWING WILSON, James Wilson and Mary Wilson;brother, Joseph Love; executor, brother Joseph Love; witnesses:Joseph Love, Jr. and John G. Love

. On September 16, 1816, Joseph Johnson, William Steele andThomas Brevard were appointed to settle with Martha Wilson andJoseph Love, administrators of Joseph Wilson, deceased. MarthaWilson was appointed guardian of EWING WILSON and Mary Wilson,minor heirs of Joseph Wilson, Joseph Johnson was guardian ofJames Wilson

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