Person:Marie Pullen (1)

Mary Pullen
b.Bef 1553
d.Aft 9 Jun 1625
  • HJohn TalcottBef 1537 - 1606
  • WMary PullenBef 1553 - Aft 1625
m. Bef 1573
  1. Rev. Thomas Talcott1573 - 1641
  2. Mary Talcott1575 - Aft 1625
  3. William Talcott1577 - Bef 1606
  4. Eme TalcottEst 1580 - Aft 1625
  5. Grace TalcottEst 1584 - Bef 1625
  6. Joanna Talcott1588 - Aft 1625
  7. Benjamin Talcott1589 - Bef 1606
  8. John TalcottEst 1592 - Aft 1625
Facts and Events
Name[1] Mary Pullen
Married Name Mary Talcott
Gender Female
Birth[1] Bef 1553 Based on estimated date of marriage.
Marriage Bef 1573 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child (Thomas).
to John Talcott
Will[1] 9 Jun 1625
Death[1] Aft 9 Jun 1625 After date of will.

"The will of Marie Pullen, widow of John Talcot, of Colchester, Essex Co., England, and stepmother of John Talcot, of Braintree, Essex Co., England.

'In the name of God, Amen. I, Mary Talcoat, of the town of Colchester, in the countie of Essex, widdow, do make and ordaine, being of perfitt memorie, this my last will and testament in manner and form following:

Imp-eis: I bequeath my soule into the most hollie and undevided Trinitie, father, son & hollie Ghost, my Creator, Redeemer & comforter, one God blessed forever, Amen. And my bodie to be buried in the parish church of St. Peters, in Colch-r, at the discretio' of mine Execute'.

Ite'. I give and bequeath unto the Minister of the church of St. Peters, xx s.

Ite'. I give and bequeath unto the poor of the parish of St. Peters, xx s.

Ite'. I give unto the poor of the parish of St. Ronnalds, in Colchester, x s.

Ite'. I give unto the poor of the parish of St. Marie, in Colch'r, xx s.

Ite'. I give unto my Sons, Thomas Talcoat, John Talcoat and Thomas Adler, all such debts and sums of money as at anietime heartofore they borrowed of me, uppo' this conditio' following, viz.: that eith’r and everie of the forenamed shall pay unto everie one their children which shall he lyving at the day of my buriall the su’ of xxxx s at the age of one and twentie years, as a legacie bequeathed unto them by me, their Grandmoth’r.

Ite'. I bequeath unto John Rogers, the son of John Rogers, xxxx s.

Ite'. I give unto John Death, the son of my daughter, Grace Death, deceased, one Silver cup.

Item. I give unto Anis Mootain, the wife of Willia.m Mootain, xx s.

Ite'. I give unto Marie Rhadams, the wife of Jonas Rhadams, xx s.

Ite'. I bequeath towards necessarie reperac.ons of those tenaments which I have and holde to myne own use by the last will and testament of my husband, deceased, during my natural life, the sum of iii lbs.

Ite'. For the rest of all my goods & chattles, both of monie plate, brasse, pewter & implements of household, linin, woolen, etc., my will is that my debts, legacies and funerall charges being paid & discharged, the remainder of all my foresaide goods being equallie divided into six parts or portions, my eldest son, Thomas Talcoat, shall receive and have two parts theirof for his owne part or share, and etch and everie one of my other children' besides, namlie, John Talcoat, Marie Marshall, Eme Adler & Joan Knewstubles, shall have a single share thereof according as the distributio' of the said goods shall arise and amount in valuacio' or otherwise, and everie one of my children afore mentioned to chuse their part or share in order according to their severall sexes and ages. Lastlie. I appoint and ordeine my son, Thomas Talcoat, executo'r of this my last will & Testament, & in witnesse hereof have hereunto putt my hand & seale the ixth day of June, Ano Dni 1625, in the presence of these whose names are hereunder written.

MARIE Wc TALCOAT, her mark.

Robt. Rosse, Nathaniell Tompson.'"[2]

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