Person:Margaret Lafferty (1)

Margaret Miller Lafferty
  1. Margaret Kutch1867 - 1947
  2. Mary Elizabeth Kutch1869 - 1933
m. 26 Jun 1879
Facts and Events
Name[5] Margaret Miller Lafferty
Married Name[1] Margaret Kutch
Married Name[2][5] Margaret M. Kutch
Married Name[2] Margaret M. Ward
Married Name[3] Marguret W. Ward
Married Name[3] M. M. Ward
Alt Name[1] Margeret Lafferty
Gender Female
Birth[3][5] 6 Jul 1830 Independence, Arkansas, United States
Marriage to Daniel Lee Kutch, Jr.
Marriage 26 Jun 1879 Parker, Texas, United Statesto William Henry Ward
Census[3] 1900 Jack, Texas, United StatesMarguret W. Ward, 70, widowed
Death[4] 14 May 1917 Parker, Texas, United StatesM. M. Ward, widowed
Alt Death[5] 14 Jul 1917 Weatherford, Parker, Texas, United States
Burial[5] Weatherford, Parker, Texas, United StatesClark Cemetery

Notes from Find A Grave

Margaret M Kutch was Margaret Miller Lafferty daughter of Jacob Binks Lafferty and Sarah Miller Lafferty. Margaret was born in Independence County, Arkansas and came to Parker county, Texas in a caravan of people from Arkansas including many Criswell. With her was her sister Mary Henderson Lafferty who later married John Godfrey in Texas. Also her two brothers John Annis Lafferty (my grandfather) and Lorenzo Dow Carnahan Lafferty. Margaret was married to S. Henry Criswell who died in 1859 soon after their arrival in Texas leaving Margaret with 3 children. She then married Daniel Lee Kutch had 5 more children and in 1874 she was widowed again and last she married Henry Ward raising her children along with his. She and her sister remained were very close both of them living in Parker County, Texas all their lives. Both women were dedicated to God and the Methodist Church.

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