Person:Margaret Howell (16)

Margaret S. Howell
b.19 MAY 1854 Stanly Co., NC
d.28 NOV 1920 Stanly Co., NC
m. 29 NOV 1829
  1. John F. Howell
  2. Sophronia Howell1831 -
  3. Edward Howell1837 - 1913
  4. Mary J. HowellAbt 1841 -
  5. Lydia A. Howell1844 -
  6. William Thomas HowellAbt 1846 - 1924
  7. Emsley F. Howell1849 -
  8. Margaret S. Howell1854 - 1920
Facts and Events
Name Margaret S. Howell
Alt Name Maggie
Gender Female
Birth[1] 19 MAY 1854 Stanly Co., NC
Marriage 20 SEP 1874 Stanly Co., NCto Rev. Pearson Gamaliel Hartsell
Death[1] 28 NOV 1920 Stanly Co., NC

An intersting story found on the Internet. Could this be our Maggie Howell?

City Of Locust

A City With A Soul

The City of Locust was established in western Stanly county in the late 1860s by German, Scotch Irish and English immigrants. The community was known as the "Crossroads". Many travelers came through on the way to Cabarrus, Anson, and Mecklenburg counties.

A central well was dug close to the locust tree to serve the citizens of the community as well as travelers and their livestock as they were traveling through. As many as 25 families would do their washing there in a single day, since it was the only source of water.

In 1869 population in the "Crossroads" community had increased enough to warrant an application for the establishment of a post office. There was a meeting held to decide on a new name and a young girl in the community, Miss Maggie Howell, was present at a meeting to decide a proper name. Maggie happened to look out at a wooded plot where a large locust tree was in full bloom. Beyond the locust tree, plowed fields laid flat and the reddish clay dirt of the Charlotte Road stretched out level. Miss Howell suggested the name "Locust Level". And so it was called until May 29, 1894. The Level was dropped and it was simply called Locust. Locust still serves as the crossroads to Charlotte, Albemarle, Concord and Monroe. It is a thriving community and represents opportunity for growth and expansion of businesses.


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