Person:Margaret Dodge (1)

Margaret Eliza Frye Dodge
b.17 MAR 1813 Andover, Essex, MA
d.27 AUG 1848 Andover, Essex, MA
  • HSimon Wardwell1805 - 1902
  • WMargaret Eliza Frye Dodge1813 - 1848
m. 14 AUG 1830
  1. Eliakim Albert Wardwell1831 - 1834
  2. George Henry Wardwell1834 - 1903
  3. Henry Wardwell1834 - BEF 1850
  4. Ellen Wardwell1836 - AFT 1902
  5. Margaret Eliza Wardwell1838 - 1879
  6. Albert Wardwell1840 - 1844
  7. Alfred Wardwell1841 - 1904
  8. Mary Mariah Wardwell1844 -
  9. Georgianna Wardwell1846 - 1930
  10. Matilda Wardwell1847 - AFT 1902
  11. Eliza Dodge Wardwell1848 - BEF 1860
Facts and Events
Name Margaret Eliza Frye Dodge
Gender Female
Birth[1] 17 MAR 1813 Andover, Essex, MA
Marriage 14 AUG 1830 Andover, Essex, MAto Simon Wardwell
Death[2] 27 AUG 1848 Andover, Essex, MA
Burial[3] South Church Cemetery, Andover, MA

Suicide. 1850 census still lists her with family, even though Vital Records has death two years earlier.

"Melancholy Suicide On Sunday morning last, says a correspondent of the Traveller, Mrs. Eliza D., wife of Simon of Andover, came to an untimely end by her own hand. Her age was 36 years. She his left a companion and seven young children (one of them an infant) destitute of the care and attention of an agreeable wife and affectionate mother. The ways of Providence are indeed mysterious, and past finding out. When reason becomes dethroned the consequences cannot be calculated. Mrs. W. has been out of health for some months, and at times exhibited signs of despondency; but no serious ground for apprehension was supposed to exist even up to the night before she committed the fatal deed. Left to ourselves, we are verily miserable. In visiting the afflicted family, and casting a look upon the remains of this unfortunate person, we felt an unusual sadness pervade our spirit. Who can care for the little ones like a mother? Who feel for them as she feels? True, some strange hallucination, altogether Incomprehensible, at times takes possession of the mind, and It becomes divorced from the dearest objects of its parental and affectionate solicitude; and those whose love towards their truest friends knows no bounds, unreciprocate and ill repay the kindest attention bestowed on them, while their minds labor under such strange and Inexplicable misconceptions of the motives which prompt the bestower" -Boston Cultivator 02 September 1848

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