Person:Lucius Libo (4)

Lucius Julius Libo
Facts and Events
Name Lucius Julius Libo
Gender Male

Lucius Julius Libo was a member of the influential Julii clan. This patrician family was always of the most distinguished blood, however they had long since fallen out of the inner Roman elite. The Julii were active in politics since the Punic Wars.

Libo descended from the Julii who fled from Alba Longa to Rome. This city was destroyed by the Roman king Tullus Hostilius. His ancestors claim their descent from the goddess Venus and the first Roman king Romulus.

Libo was consul in 267 BC. His son of the same name was father to Numerius Julius Caesar, born before 300 BC. Numerius was a grandfather to Sextus Julius Caesar I.

Caesar is Latin for hairy. This surname was originally a nickname given to the family. Over time the nickname became a surname. The surname came about because the family's male members had hairy foreheads.