Person:Lisken Larsdotter (2)

Lisken Larsdotter
Facts and Events
Name[1] Lisken Larsdotter
Gender Female
Birth[2][3][6] 1738 Quality: 3
Marriage Bef 1759 to Jöns Jönsson Frisk
Other[5][7] Bet 1783 and 1793 Häljaryd Skattegård, Rogberg, Jönköpings lan, SwedenQuality: 2 Household Examinatio
Death[4] 5 Jun 1800 Halyaryd, Rogberga Parish, Jönköpings lan, SwedenQuality: 3
Burial[4] 8 Jun 1800 Rogberga, Jönköping, SwedenQuality: 3
Reference Number? 10850
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  6. The 1760-64 household examination gives her age in years as 26; if written in the first year (as seems likely) she would have been born c. 1734.

    A quick survey 4 Jul 2005 of birth records on Genline 1734-1738 in Rogberga don't show any obvious Lisken. Further thorough surveys later that month found no Lisken or Elisabeth beign born in that period either in Rogberga or in any of the neighboring parishes with records. Specifically, via JBGF:

    * in Ljungarum, and Elisabet is born to a Lars in Sanna 27 Jan 1737; no local marriage or death records available to check on her fate

    * in Barnarp, no such birth

    * in Ödestugu, no births recorded before 1750; in Genline, a few but not complete. Nothing found.

    * in Hakarp, no such birth

    * Huskvarna didn't exist yet

    * in Öggestorp, nothing pre-1779 on JBGF, nothing in Genline.

    Nor is she found in Rogberga's earliest household examination (1752-1758) which might have caught her prior to marriage.
  7. Lisken 1738
    s. Sven 1765
    s. Peter 1770
    s. Lars 1777
    d. Sigrid 1762
    d Stina 1772
    s. Jöns 1759
    [and below, an apparent new household]
    Jöns 1759
    H. Ingrid Pehrsdot. 1759
    s. Jöns 1787
    d. Stina 1790
    d Catharina 1792