Person:Lazarus Lowry (1)

Lazarus Lowry, Indian Trader
m. abt. 1713
  1. James Lowery, Indian TraderAbt 1715 -
  2. John LoweryAbt 1719 - 1803
  3. Daniel LoweryAbt 1721 - 1767
  4. Alexander Lowery1723 - 1805
m. abt. 1726
  1. Joseph Lowery1727 - 1782
  2. Lazarus Lowery1732 -
  3. Thomas Lowery1734 -
  4. Benjamin Lowery1735 - 1790
  5. William Lowery1740 - 1786
  6. Martha Lowery1741 -
Facts and Events
Name Lazarus Lowry, Indian Trader
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1688 Derry, Donegal, Ireland
Marriage abt. 1713 Donegal, Irelandto Elizabeth Campbell
Marriage abt. 1726 Pennsylvaniato Ann 'Millie' Boggs
Death[1] 6 February 1755 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
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    Indian Traders Lycensed from 10th Aug 1747 to 10th Aug 1748.
    1. Lazarus Lowry
    2. George Croghan
    3. Thos Meagee
    4. Hugh Crawford
    5. Alexander Moorhead
    6. John Frazier
    7. James Lowry
    8. Peter Sheaver
    9. John Galbreath

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    Lazarus Lowry came from the north of Ireland and settled in Donegal in 1729. He took up three hundred and thirty-three acres of land, now owned by the Hon. J. D. Cameron, about two miles from Marietta. He established a trading-post, and in 1730 took out a license to trade and also to sell liquor "by the small." His dwelling is still standing. He was remarkable for his energy, industry, and courage. He made frequent trips to the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, taking his sons,James, John, Daniel, and Alexander, with him. He owned several small farms adjoining his first purchase. His second marriage was to the widow of Thomas Edwards. He died in Philadelphia in 1755, leaving Lazarus, Thomas, Benjamin, William, and Martha, children by her. John Lowry traded with his father, Lazarus, among the Indians west of the mountains before 1740. He owned four hundred acres of land along the Susquehanna, which now embraces the farms owned by Col. James Duffy and Benjamin F. Hiestand, the upper part of Marietta, and the land north of the Maytown turnpike. He also owned in connection with his father the land extending from Maytown to the Colebrook road.