Person:Laurent Sigur (1)

Laurent Sigur
Facts and Events
Name Laurent Sigur
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1742? Metz, Moselle, Lorraine, France
Marriage bef 1762 Metz, Moselle, Franceto Anne Roche
Death[2] 17 Nov 1816 New Orleans, Louisiana
Burial[2] 18 Nov 1816 New Orleans, Louisiana
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Colonial Louisiana Ancestor
by the
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    He was a lieutenant in the Iberville militia under the name Lorenzo Sigur. On the roll of 12 Feb 1792, he was listed as a captain. He served nearly 14 years in the militia, as well as nearly 9 years in the German Coast Disciplined Provincial Militia. On the roll for 1800, his age is given as 58 years. On several of the rolls, his birthplace is given as Metz.

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    This record also records his age as about 82 years (giving a birth year of 1732) and his birth place as Metz.