Person:Larkin Gyger (1)

Larkin R. Gyger
m. 30 Jan 1804
  1. John Gyger1808 -
  2. Sarah Gyger1809 -
  3. Esther Gyger1813 -
  4. Ulysses Gyger1817 -
  5. Larkin R. Gyger1818 - 1889
  6. Louisa Gyger1820 - 1898
  7. Isaiah Gyger1822 -
  8. George W. Gyger1825 -
  9. Mahala Gyger1828 -
  10. Minerva Gyger1828 -
  11. Wiley GygerAbt 1829 -
  • HLarkin R. Gyger1818 - 1889
  • WNancy Adams1817 - 1891
m. 15 Aug 1841
  1. Martha Alice Gyger1843 - 1909
  2. Tabitha Louisa Gyger1844 - 1924
  3. Elizabeth Gyger1847 -
  4. William Alvin Gyger1850 - 1914
  5. Laura (Fannie) Gyger1852 - 1881
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Larkin R. Gyger
Gender Male
Birth[4][5] 4 Mar 1818 Tennessee or Lawrence Co., Indiana
Marriage 15 Aug 1841 to Nancy Adams
Census[7] 1850 Living in Shawswick Township, Lawrence County, Indiana
Death[6] 3 Feb 1889 Proctor, Comanche County, Texas

Moved to Smith County, Texas after Sept. 4, 1850. In Texas by 1854.

The book "The Giger's" has that Larkin was born in 1812 and that he left Indiana just after the 1850 census and went to Smith County, Texas where he and his wife, Nancy Adams lived until about 1870. They then moved to Comanche County, Texas where Larkin gave land for the small town of Proctor.

L.R., Nancy and Fannie Guyger were all founding members of the Proctor Baptist Church which was started June 27, 1875.

Larkin Gyger's will.

    Know all men by these presents that I Larkin Gyger of Comanche County, Texas,--being of sound mind do hereby make and constitute this to be my last will and testiment as follows:--
    First,--after the payment of all of my just debts, I do hereby give and bequeath all of my property, real and personall and all properties of any and all kinds, and all of my right title and interest in possession, reversion(?) or remaneder(?) that I may have or become in any entitled to.  To my two children William A. Gyger and Tabitha Louisa Pitt, wife of Milton Pitt of Comanche County, Texas.  All of my said property of all kinds I do give and bequeath to my said two children William A. Gyger and Tabitha Louisa Pitt, equally -- share and share alike absolutely and in fee simple to them and their heirs forever.
    Second, I do hereby constitute my said child William A. Gyger my lawful executor to carry out this my last will, to pay off my just debts, and to distribute the remainder of my property as before specified equally to himself and the said Tabitha Louisa Pitt.
    Third, I do hereby request and desire that my said executor shall not be required to enter into any bond as executor of my said estate, but that he be allowed to act fully as my executor in carrying about this my last will without bond, on any interferance whatever by, with, or through the Probate Court.
    Fourth, I do hereby request and desire that the probate Court nor any other court of whatever jurisdiction shall have no business -- whatever, nor assume mor have any managerment or control of my said executor or with my said estate only so far as to admit to probate of this my last will, and no further.  My said executor after probating this my will, to act and manage my estate and disprobate the same without the aid of interference or management of any probate court.
    In testimony of ace of which I hereto set my hand in the presence of the witnesses below named this the 13th day of July 1881.
                                  L. Gyger

Witnesses J.B. Bonner M.W. Carvel

1850 Census of Shawswick, Lawrence County, Indiana Name Age Occupation Born Gyger, Larkin 30 Waggoner IN

           Nancy   30             TN
           Martha M.     8             IN
           Tabitha L.    6             IN
           Elizabeth     3             IN
           William  1             IN

Adams, Lodema 20 F (sister?) IN

1860 Census of Jamestown, Smith County, Texas p. 43 601-599 Larkin Gyger 40 M Farmer IN

              Nancy             42   F                  IN
              Martha            17   F                  IN
              Louisa            15   F                  IN
              Wm.                12   M                IN
              Laura              6     F                  TX

1880 Census of Proctor, Comanche County, Texas p. 100

         Relation  Sex  Marr Age  Born   FB   MB   Occupation

Larkin GYGER Self M M 62 TN VA VA Farmer Nancy GYGER Wife F M 62 TN VA SC Keeping House Early GYGER GSon M S 8 TX TX TX Joe E. JOHNSON Other M S 23 VA VA VA Laborer Maggie GREEN Other F D 23 AL SC GA Laborer Jackson RUBLE SonL M M 44 KY VA VA Farmer Marth RUBLE Dau F M 37 IN TN TN Keeping House Lucy RUBLE GDau F S 8 TX KY IN Walker RUBLE GSon M S 4 TX KY IN Jack ADAMS BroL M M 64 TN USA SC Farmer Eliza ADAMS SisterL F M 58 IN USA USA House Keeper

Margaret Kyger Miller has that he was born in Jefferson County, Tennessee

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