Person:Landon Carter (4)

Capt. Landon Carter
d.5 JUN 1800
m. 1742
  1. Lucy CarterBET 1742 AND 1757 -
  2. John Hill CarterBET 1742 AND 1757 -
  3. Anne Byrd CarterBET 1742 AND 1757 - 1804
  4. Jane Byrd CarterBET 1742 AND 1757 -
  5. Marie Carter1751 -
  6. Capt. Landon Carter1751 - 1800
  7. Sarah CarterBEF 1755 -
  8. Caroline Carter1756 - 1799
m. 1772
  1. Mildred Carter1774 -
  2. Sarah Carter1776 -
  3. Lucy Landon Carter1777 -
m. 1782
  1. Alfred Moore Carter1784 - 1850
  2. John McLin Carter1786 -
  3. Sarah Stuart Carter1789 - 1879
  4. William Blount Carter1792 -
  5. George Washington Carter1794 -
  6. Eliza M. Carter1797 -
  7. Mary 'Polly' Carter1799 -
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Landon Carter
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1751
Marriage 1772 to Mildred Washington Willis
Census[3] BET 1780 AND 1781 Served at the Battle of King's Mountain under Col. John Sevier
Marriage 1782 to Elizabeth Carter
Death[2] 5 JUN 1800
Census? 1811 another source for Landon's date of death.

LANDON CARTER died June 5, 1800, and his widow, Elizabeth, born 9 Jul 1765, applied on 8 Dec 1838 in Carter County, a resident of Elizabethton, for revolutionary pension. She declared that Landon Carter was a Captain in the Revolution, that he had served under Col. John Sevier and Col. Arthur Campbell in 1780 and 1781, a resident of Washington County, North Carolina (now Tennessee), and that they had married Feb. 26, 1784 (she was nee Elizabeth McLIN). Jeremiah Campbell declared that Landon Carter served as stated and that he, Jeremiah Campbell, was in Capt. Carter's company and was in the South Carolina Campaign. Isaac Taylor declared that he was in Capt. Carter's Company, and that they were in the battle of Boyd's Creek and in an expedition against the Cherokee Indians. She was deceased by 1854. Their children were Alfred M., age 54 in 1838, married 15 Nov 1810 (but his spouse was not named); Sarah, Elizabeth, "who married a man named Paxton;" George W.; Mary; and William B. (who in 1838 was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Tennessee). (Rev War Pension File No. W900)

Capt. Landon Carter signed the 1776 Watauga Petition, and was the Speaker of the Senate for the State of Franklin in 1785. According to Some Tennessee Heroes of the Revolution by Zella Armstrong, he was the son of Col. John Carter and Elizabeth TAYLOR Carter, was born in Virginia on 29 1760, and educated at Liberty Hall, now Davidson College, North Carolina. She adds that he was an active leader in all affairs of the upper East Tennessee country, that Carter County. Tennessee was named for him and its County seat, Elizabethton, for his wife, and that their children were Alfred Moore, born 1784, died 1850; John McLin, born 1786, died young; Sarah Stuart, born 1789, died 1879; William Blount, born 1792; George Washington, born 1794; Eliza M., born 1797; and Mary (Polly) C., born 1799.

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