Person:Katie Wardwell (1)

Katie Alice Wardwell
b.MAR 1867 Maine
m. 25 MAR 1860
  1. Jennie A. Wardwell1861 -
  2. Annie WardwellABT 1865 - BEF 1870
  3. Katie Alice Wardwell1867 - 1959
m. 13 MAY 1885
  1. Nina Alice Wardwell1887 - 1974
  2. Jeanette Dorothy Wardwell1898 - 1988
Facts and Events
Name Katie Alice Wardwell
Gender Female
Birth[1] MAR 1867 Maine
Marriage 13 MAY 1885 to Burton Lewis Wardwell
Death[2] 1959 Castine, Hancock, ME
Burial[3] Castine Cemetery, Castine, Hancock, Maine, United States

Living with mother at 1910 Census in Penobscot. Widowed, living at 89A Center in Bangor in 1952. 1957 Brewer Directory shows her living at 7 Prospect.

" Exerpts from the diaries of Katie A. Wardwell Penobscot, Maine

1907 Perkins Hill School started today, Zelma Hutchins , Teacher. Walked to Dunbar's corner to catch the stage to Castine.

           Came home later in the day.

1908 Killed a hen. Got 85 cents for it. Laid down 4 lbs. of butter. Spent evening listening to phonograph at Leo Littlefields. 1909 Drove Burt down to catch the ferry at North Castine for Brooksville. Saw first auto. Govenor, our horse, wasent scared. 1909 Mother and I drove to Castine. Sold 13 dozen eggs. Got $3.90 for them. Also 5 pounds of butter at 26 cents per pound. 1910 Jeanette and I went to Bangor on the Percy boat. Boat broke down and had to stay in Bangor all night. 1911 Traveling something awful on the New Road. Ruts are several inches deep. Nothing but mud. 1912 Took Govenor, our horse, over to the cove to get shod. Charge was 90 cents for two front shoes. 1915 The squash bugs have come. Put sulpher tobacco on them and some hen dressing. 1915 Went to church at Perkins Hill schoolhouse. Taught Sunday School. Collection was $4.97. 1928 First electric lights installed in our house today. 1928 Heard President Coolidge talk on radio 1929 Went to pictures up at the bay. Tom Mix played. Prices went up to 25 cents. 1929 Lower schoolhouse burned. (Dunbar School) They think someone set fire to it. 1930 Small pox scare. Many people getting vaccinated. Rose Perry and Everett Hinckley have it . Also Merle Grindle and

            Kermit Hinckley.

1930 Made some ice cream for Sunday School. Took in $5.50 1934 Canned 32 quarts of peas, beans and corn. Also pickled 6 quarts of cucumbers. 1935 Drove up to bay with Burt to deposit $400. of tax money with Dr. Wardwell, Treasurer." -

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