Person:Kathryn Weaver (2)

m. 26 SEP 1872
  1. Mary F. Weaver1873 -
  2. Laura M. Weaver1875 -
  3. Walter Weaver1878 -
  4. Alice K. Weaver1881 -
  5. William C. Weaver1885 -
  6. Kathryn Elizabeth Weaver1892 - 1963
m. 1912
  1. Laura Marian Depue1914 - 2008
Facts and Events
Name Kathryn Elizabeth Weaver
Gender Female
Birth[2] 6 AUG 1892 Morgantown, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 1912 to Samuel Wallace Depue
Death[1] 26 MAY 1963 Haddon Heights, Camden, New Jersey, United States

Excerpt from Historical and Biographical Annals of Berks County Pennsylvania

The following excerpt comes from page 965 of M. Montgomery's Annals [2]

On Sept. 26, 1872, Mr. Weaver was married to Sarah Ellen Spotts, born April 18, 1854, in Chester county, who died at Morgantown, March 15, 1905, and was buried in the Caernarvon cemetery. Six children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Weaver, as follows: Mary F., born Nov. 4, 1873, is a trained nurse; Laura M., born June 27, 1875, is also a trained nurse; Walter, born Aug. 1, 1878, is living with his father at Morgantown; Alice K., born Jan. 2, 1881, married in June, 1907, Morton Edwards, and lived in Morgantown; William C., born Jan. 29, 1885, is a student at the State College; and Katie, born Aug. 6, 1892, lives with her father at Morgantown. Mr. Weaver is a stanch Republican, and has filled the offices of auditor and judge of election. He is a member of the Lutheran Church, and his family of the Morgantown Methodist Church. He has been an industrious, progressive man, and has done much toward advancing the interests of Morgantown, where he has built three houses, in one of which he lives, the others being sold.


There are some discrepancies in the birth year of Kathryn Weaver. The Jablonski Family Bible [1] records the date as 6 AUG 1893. However, this is inconsistent with her recorded age on every known census.

In the Jablonski Family Bible [1], the recorded parents of Kathryn Weaver are "Henry Weaver" and "Sarah Ellen Spotts, b. 18 APR 1854". These parental names and dates are consistent with a Katie Weaver recorded by Morton Montgomery [2] whose birthday is 6 AUG 1892.

Given the evidence, the correct birth year seems to be 1892 and the Katie Weaver recorded by Montgomery seems to be the same Kathryn Weaver who is the mother of Laura Marian Depue.

Relevant Census Data

Remarks on Censuses

1900 Census. Haven't found yet.
1910 Census. Haven't found yet.
1920 Census. Several names are misspelled on this census.

Fourteenth Census of the United States (1920)
Pennsylvannia - City of Philadelphia, Ward 40
Abode Name Relation Tenure Personal Description Citizenship Education Nativity and Mother Tongue Occupation
Street Home number or farm Dwelling number Number of family in order of visit Home owned or rented If owned, free or mortgaged Sex Color or race Age at last birthday Single, married, widowed or divorced Year of immigration to the United States Naturalized or Alien If naturalized, year of naturalization Attended school anytime since Sept. 1, 1919 Able to read Able to write Person Father Mother Able to speak English Trade, profession or particular kind of work done Industry, business or establishment of work done Employer, salary or wage worker, or working on own account Number of farm schedule
Place of birth Mother Tongue Place of birth Mother Tongue Place of birth Mother Tongue
(So 5? St.) 946 466 466 Depue, Wallace boarder MW30M yesyesPenna Penna Penna yesCarpenterConstructionW
---------- Catherinewife FW27M yesyesPenna Penna Penna yesnone
---------- Leliadaughter FW7S yesyesyesPenna Penna Penna yes
---------- Mariondaughter FW5S yesyesyesPenna Penna Penna yes
---------- Alicedaughter FW4/12S Penna Penna Penna yes
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