Person:Judah Marsh (1)

Judah Marsh
b.25 Jul 1712
m. 4 Nov 1736
  1. Elijah Marsh1737 -
  2. Joel Marsh1738 -
  3. Thomas Marsh1741 - 1813
  4. Rachel Marsh1743 - 1832
  5. Hannah Marsh1746 -
  6. Thankful Marsh1748 -
  7. Dorothy Marsh1750 - 1829
  8. Jonathan Marsh1752 - 1838
  9. Judah Marsh1757 - 1817
  10. Joel Marsh1759 - 1804
Facts and Events
Name[1] Judah Marsh
Gender Male
Birth[2] 25 Jul 1712
Other[1] Abt 1730 Hatfield or Hadley, Massachusettssupposedly came from Hatfield or Hadley
Marriage 4 Nov 1736 Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts, United Statesto Hannah Olmstead
Property[1] 4 Jan 1737 Hampshire, Massachusetts, United Statesgranted part of a plat of 1443 acres in order to build a settlement
Death[2] 7 May 1801 Ware, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
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    pp 13-15 -
    The first settlers on this tract were what would be called in these days, squatters. Judah Marsh came from Hatfield or Hadley about 1730, and settled near Marsh's mills. He married a daughter of Capt. Jabez Olmstead, and his descendants now occupy some portions of the land granted to him and his brothers. The petition and grant may interest the descendants. They are copied from the originals in the Secretary's office at Boston.

    "To his Excellency Jonathan Belcher Esq. Captain General and Commander in chief of His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, &c., The Honorable His Majesty's Council and House of Representatives in General Court assembled at Boston, Oct. 3, 1733.

    The Petition of us, the subscribers, Humbly sheweth. That your Petitioners are now actually dwelling of on a tract of the unappropriated lands of this Province, in the county of Hampshire, bounded south partly by that tract of land called the Elbows and partly by Brookfield township, East by Ware River, North by land lately granted to Col. Lamb and Co., and west by that part of the Equivalent lands belonging to John Read, of Boston, Esq. containing fourteen hundred and forty-three acres, as per a plat of said land herewith presented, more particularly appears, and on said tract of lands we have lived some of us three years where we have spent the most of that little substance we have ; and we assure your Honours, it was not the extraordinary goodness or quality of the lands, that induced us to go upon it, for a considerable part of said tract is Ledges of Rocks, and very Rockey, so as to render it unprofitable and almost useless, (as those that are acquainted with it can Testifie,) but that which induced us to settle on it, was our necessity, our principle dependance for the support of ourselves is husbandly, and we had not a foot of land to imploy ourselves and families upon, were exposed to idleness and pinching want, and being then unsensible how highly the court resented such a way of settling, and apprehending that the principle thing insisted on was that there should be no trading or stockjobbing, but an actual settlement and improvement in husbandry, by the grantees themselves, with which we were ready to comply.

    Wherefore, being thus unhappily intangled on said Land, with great submission, we most humbly move, that this great and Honorable Assembly would condescend to exercise their charity and Pitty towards us in granting us, (out of said land, including the spots we have already begun on,) so much Land as may be a competency for us to improve for a livelyhood for ourselves and children, we have no tho't of any other, but with submission to spend the remainder of our Lives and substances on the spot, are content and ready to submit to any injunctions or Limitations within our reach, this Great and Honorable Court shall think meet to lay upon us, who as in Duty bound, shall ever pray, his
    JOHN CLEMENS. (his mark)
    JONATHAN ROOD. (his mark)

    In the House of Representatives, Oct. 29, 1733. Read and ordered that the prayer of the Petition as particularly set forth in the vote on the plat of the lands hereto annexed.
    Sent up for concurrence, J. QUINCY, Speaker.

    In Council, Oct. 29, 1733. Non-concurred, and ordered that a committee be appointed to view the lands and report.

    The House non-concurred in this vote, and the petition was not called up again until 1737.

    Here follow the plat of the survey with the oaths administered by Timothy Dwight Esq. of Belchertown, to Nathaniel Dwight the Surveyor, and to William Clements and Jonathan Rood the chain-men.

    "In the House of Representatives, Jan. 3, 1737.
    Read, and ordered that the petition be revived, and that the plat be accepted, and that the lands therein delineated and described be and hereby are confirmed to the said Thomas Marsh, William Clements, John Clements, Jonathan Rood, Judah Marsh, and Samuel Marsh, their heirs and assigns respectively, provided each of the grantees do within the space of five years from this date, have six acres of the granted premises brought to English grass, or broken up by plowing, and each of them have a good dwelling-house thereon, of eighteen feet square, and seven feet stud at the least, and each a family dwelling therein, that they actually bring to the settlement of said Lands by themselves, or their children as above laid, provided also, the plat exceeds not the quantity of fourteen hundred and forty-three acres, and does not interfere with any former grant, and also that the grantees do within twelve months, pay to the Province Treasury, five pounds each, for the use of this province.
    Sent up for concurrence, J. QUINCY, Speaker.
    In Council, Jan. 4, 1737. Read and concurred. SIMON FROST, Deputy Sec'y.
    Consented to. J. BELCHER.

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    (9073) HANNAH OLMSTED ... m. Nov. 4, 1736, Judah Marsh; b. July 25, 1712; d. at Ware, Mass., May 7, 1801. They resided at Marsh's Mills, near Ware, Mass. ...