Person:Joshua Wardwell (2)

Joshua Wardwell
b.2 NOV 1757 Andover, Essex, MA
d.3 NOV 1819 Andover, Essex, MA
m. 17 MAR 1757
  1. Joshua Wardwell1757 - 1819
  2. Joseph Wardwell1760 - 1849
  3. Susanna WardwellABT 1763 -
  4. Ruth WardwellABT 1766 -
  5. Jeremiah Wardwell1771 -
  • HJoshua Wardwell1757 - 1819
  • WMary - AFT 1819
m. 1771
Facts and Events
Name Joshua Wardwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 2 NOV 1757 Andover, Essex, MA
Marriage 1771 to Mary
Death[2] 3 NOV 1819 Andover, Essex, MA

1775, April 19: Joshua, age 17 1/2, marched to the Alarm as a Private in Capt. Nathaniel Lovejoy's Andover Company, commanded by Lt. John Adams, Col. Samuel Johnson's Regiment. The March to Cambridge was via Billerica; service 32 days, returned home. 1776, Jan. 1: enlisted a a Private in Capt. Joshua Reed's Company, Col. James Varnum's Rhode Island Regiment, 9th Cont. Infantry, as did his brother and their 1st cousin, Simon Wardwell. Abstract for wages made up to April 1, 1776 1777, Aug. 14: enlisted as a Private in Capt. Samuel Johnson's Company, Col. Samuel Johnson's Militia Regiment. Service: 3 months, 17 days with the Northern Army; discharged November 30, 1777. Roll sworn to at Andove 1779, Oct. 18: Receipt dated for bounties paid said Joshua Wardwell and others by Capt. Nathaniel Lovejoy on behalf of the 3rd Andover Company, to serve in the Continental Army for the term of 3 months, agreeable to resolve of October 9, 1779. Joshua enlisted on October 14, 1779, in Capt. Stephen Webster's Company, Col. Jacob Gerrish's Militia Regiment. Discharged November 22, 1779. Service: 1 month, 19 days (travel included at Claverack, N.Y. to reinforce the Army under Gen. Washington (source for above: "Andover in the American Revolution", Edward Mosely Harris, 1976, Appendix A, page 192)

1813, May 6: "a letter of guardianship was granted to Enoch Frye of Andover in Essex County, Mass., at which time the soldier was "non compos mentis" 1818, April 9: Pension Application 533222 was made for soldier.

"Joshua drew a pension till he died in 1819, childless and non-compos, leaving the neighbors in Frye Village to manage his estate, which fades away, and the widow at last has only her pension." "He owned a farm, which in 1863, was the last house in Andover reaching to the Wilmington line and at that time owned by William Allen." -Charlotte Helen Abbot

Joshua Wardwell, born 1757, entered the army at 18 years of age. He marched under Lieut. John Adams at Lexington alarm, April, 1775, he was also with Capt. Joshua Reed, Jan. 1st, 1776, (Vol. 55, p. 14), also with Samuel Johnson's Co., Col. Johnson's Regt. Aug. 14, 1777, served to Nov. 30, making three months in the Northern army from Andover, drawing three months' pay from Andover 3rd Co., Oct. 18, 1779, and was also with Capt. Lovejoy and Col. Sam. Johnson, going from Andover to Cambridge via Billerica and spending three and one-half days. -Antecedents of Solomon Wardwell Elizabeth Wardwell Stay

The Massachusetts and Maine 1798 Direct Tax shows him owning 1 house in the North Parish of Andover, valued at $100.

The 1800 census for Andover shows a male child under 10 living with him and his wife.

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