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Joseph Martin
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Name Joseph Martin
Gender Male
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From Summers, 1929:749
Colonel Joseph Martin. Son of English parents who migrated from Bristol England and settled in Albemarle County, Virginia, Colonel Martin was born in Albemarle County, in the year 1740. 74QL Married Susannah Childs. Settled in Pittsylvania county, Virginia. In 1765 attempted the settlement of Martin's Station, in Powell's valley, but was driven off by the Indians. Afterward appointed entry-taker by Colonle Richard Henderson for that portion of the Henderson purchase situated in Powell's Valley. Commanded a company of men upon Christian's expedition against the Cherokee in 1776. Appointed Indian agent and stationed at Long Island of Holston river, which position he occupied until theyear 1789. Was a member of the Conventoin of North Carolina called for the adoption or rejcection of the Federal Constitutation and several times a member of the General Assembly of North Carolina. About the year 1790 he returned to his old home in Henry County, Virginia. Was soon thereafter elected to the General Assembly of Virginia from Henry County, and continued to serve in that capacity until he himself thought he was by age unfit for further usefulness. Died in 1808 in the sixthy-eigth year of his ae. Note: The settlment of Martin's Station was not attempted until 1769, but was immediately abandoned. It was again attempted in 1775, but Indian attacks the following year forced its abandonment again. Martin eventually established a station close to Cumberland Gap, commonly known as Martin's New Station. See:letters in General Joseph Martin's correspondance dealing with the Cherokee