Person:Joseph Craycraft (3)

Joseph Craycraft
  • HJoseph CraycraftAbt 1706 - 1781
  • WAnn StanleyEst 1710 to 1720 -
m. Bet 1735 and 1738
  1. Joseph Craycraft1738 - 1811
  2. William Craycraft1740 - 1815
  3. Samuel Craycraft1742 - Aft 1774
  4. Sarah CraycraftAbt 1747 - 1806
  5. Thomas Craycraft1750 - Aft 1830
  6. Charles Craycraft1751 - 1824
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Craycraft
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1706 Lincolnshire, England
Marriage Bet 1735 and 1738 to Ann Stanley
Death[2] 1781 Charles County, Maryland
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    James Pyles of Maysville, Kentucky, a long-time researcher of his Craycraft ancestry, has shed some light on this problem. It is his contention that Sarah Craycraft, wife of Reverend George, is actually the sister of Joseph Craycraft who married Margaret Bowles, the couple the Tarvin Family Association has listed as Sarah's parents. Sarah and Joseph's father, according to Pyles' research, was Joseph Craycraft, born about 1706, who immigrated to America from Lincolnshire, England, either 1720 or 1732 with his parents. It is his contention that this Joseph's wife was named Ann Stanley or Stanton. A land record showed that a Joseph Craycraft and wife Ann sold land in Frederick Co., Maryland, in August 21, 1761, to Josiah Harper. His source for this early information is the Dr. Charles Craycraft family of Pennsylvania. In an interview in October 1996, Mr. Pyles said that he was no longer in contact with that branch of the family.

    This theory appears reasonable in the following way. If Ann Stanton was Sarah Craycraft's mother, then Sarah's naming her second daughter after her own mother would appear justified inasmuch as the first daughter was named after Reverend George's mother, Eleanor Mudd. This would also account for this name appearing several times in the next generation.

    This is the first logical explanation of this genealogical problem. The speculation that the name came from one of Reverend George's aunts or a hitherto undiscovered step-mother never had a basis in any research. Still, there is no firm proof that Sarah's mother was named Ann Stanton. The answer might come from further research in Maryland or England.

    Here is the first generation Craycraft family, according to James L. Pyles:

    Father: Joseph Craycraft, b. abt 1706, Lincolnshire, England Mother: Ann Stanley or Stanton Md: abt 1735-1739
    Children: (Note: all dates approximate)
    1. Joseph Craycraft, b. 1738, md. (1) Margaret Bowel (2) Eunice
    2. William Craycraft, b. 1740, md. Sarah Bowel
    3. Samuel Craycraft, b. 1742, md. Elizabeth
    4. Charles Craycraft, b. 1746, md. Eleanor Atkinson
    5. Sarah Craycraft, b. 1747, md. George Tarvin (This is Rev. George.)
    6. Thomas Craycraft, b. 1750, md. Rebecca

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