Person:Jonathan Prather (6)

m. 10 Jun 1725
  1. Jonathan Prather1728 - 1772
Facts and Events
Name Jonathan Prather
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1728 Prince George's County, Maryland
Death[1] 1772 Bedford County, Virginia


The DAR profile for Col. Thomas Cresap shows his daughter Elizabeth married Isaac Collier; as well as the profile A211734 for Isaac Collier himself. Neither mention Jonathan Prater / Prather. An 1866 book reprinted an 1826 Biographical Sketch of the life of the late Captain Michael Cresap, youngest son of Col Thomas Cresap states his sister Elizabeth Cresap married Isaac Collier. It's repeated in the 1937 book "The History of the Cresaps" that Elizabeth Cresap married Isaac Collier. And finally on page 9 (PDF page 11) of a 1851 letter by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Thomas Scott wrote a letter outlining his children's ancestry wherein he stated that his father's sister Elizabeth Scott of Oldtown, MD married Nathaniel Parker of Patterson Creek, Hampshire Co., VA. and then listed his Parker 1st cousins. Then he stated his 1st cousin Elizabeth Parker married Michael Collier and 1st cousin John Parker married Sally Collier, grandchildren of Col Thomas Cresap. Several of the children for these two Parker/Collier marriages have given/middle names with Cresap in them.

John J. Jacob, the March 10, 1826 author of the original 'Biographical Sketch of the Life of the Late Captain Michael Cresap' started working for Capt. Michael Cresap at the age of 15, several years before 1774 and after Captain Cresap's death married his widow with whom he lived 40 years. As such he had intimate knowledge of the Cresap family.

Per Jacob, Col. Thomas Creasap only had 2 daughters Sarah & Elizabeth. We have a reprint of an 1826 document that gives as close to a first hand account of who the children of Col., Thomas Cresap were and who they married as you can get. When Jacob wrote about Captain Michael Cresap's older sister Sarah, he listed her two marriages, 1st to Colonel Enoch Innis and 2nd to Mr. John Foster. IF the Michael Cresap's sister Elizabeth had been married more than once, then one can assume Jacob would have listed both marriages also, but he only listed Elizabeth Cresap's marriage to Mr. Isaac Collier of Pennsylvania. Using the Search function in the digitized 1866 book searching for Prater / Prater results in zero instances found. Searching for Jonathan results in only 1 found, a Jonathan Zane in a footnote.

My observations of the Ancestry records (Marriage and Birth} that link Jonathan Prater to Elizabeth Cresap seem to be based upon information from peoples trees submitted to a DNA firm, imputed into a database, then exported as a genealogical record and sold to Ancestry. See Source Information on each records. They're modern day creations, not, historical documents. And the Findagrave record for Elizabeth Prater is a virtual cemetery record, not from an actual cemetery, and the text has ? marks in front of ?Thomas Cresap and ?Hannah Johnson. Neither the Ancestry records, or the Findagrave records could be used to apply for a DAR membership.

Giving the 1826 John Jacob biography of Capt Michael Cresap, and the Ancestry / Findagrave information, did Jonathan Prater really marry Elizabeth Cresap, daughter of Col. Thomas Cresap and Hannah Johnson?

See also: The Parker Collier Cresap Connection

WikiTree has a profile for the Jonathan Prather who died in 1772 Bedford County, VA. It includes his transcribed will, wherein it states his wife's name was Catherine, not Elizabeth.

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    Jonathan Prather, I
    Birth: 1730
    Prince George's County
    Maryland, USA
    Death: 1772
    Bedford County
    Virginia, USA

    Husband Of:
    Catherine Reese (married abt. 1737 Bedford, VA

    Son Of:
    ?Thomas M. Spriggs Prater
    ?Elizabeth (Claggett) Prater